Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

ò5j place Nv-here they have Preached : And thole few places have feldom any untenarvd Houfes : And if rarely filch a Houle be found, it's like enough that the Landlord will have no fuck Tenant : Or if he would, it's ten to one the Minifler is not able to take it and pay his Rent; betides his undoing in removal, and putting off his former Houle and Goodift 12; If any one that feareth finning by onformity, be never fo falfly accufed, he t, accounteth it his Wifdom to fùffer patiently whatever Men will fay or do , without Self-defence I faw two Warrants againft a Lay-man this Week, which ex- prefs'.d his Hçaring two Minifiers, as Sworn by two poor Beg- garly Women ; when I can witnefs that both their Oaths were falle, and that neither of thofe Minifters Preach't at the time and place that they Swore they Preached : For my Houfe being at the-next Door, I heard that it was not they that then Preached. But I fuppofe its all one : They dare not que- fiion it. I heard of one that faid he woulp Swear Treafon againft a Nonconformitt : and being ask'd, What he Paid , and whe- ther ever he heard him fpeak ? He faid, No5 but he heard him whittle Treafon : And being ask'd, How INhittling could. be Treafon ? He- laid, That he whittled the fame Tune that a Ballad was Sung in , that they faid had Treafonable words in it. 13. In the mean time , let but Men be utterly void of Confcience and Fear of Sinning, and what can hinder them from Saying , Covenanting, Swearing, Doing , any thing that: is required of them in order to a Benefice, or to the Ffti- rnation of an obedient Son of the Church. And then he can Preach down Nonconformifts as intolerable Rogues. And thus the- Laity that will fear Sin, and fearch the Scri- ptures, and have a Faith of their own, muff go through all theft- Difcouragements, if they be not fo unhappily happy, a& to attain to affurance or belief that all the Impofitions in Conformity: are lawful._ Char.