Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

'Char. XLIX. Point VI, The Laity denied Baptirn,, as ho refute t/;e forefazdway of Godfathers , c it excludeih the Patents as unlawful. M. VI. T Hope you «t not fay it is lawful to be unchriftened, or to have their Children unbaptized : And you cannot fay it is lawful to obey the Canon and Rubrick about Godfathers, againít ones Confcience. L. An erroneous Confcience null be rectified. M. Is it meerly at Command ? Can you do it ? Or can any do it when they will ? There is no Man without Error: why do not all theClergy rec`Iifie their own judgment,and,prefeptly free them- felves fromError?Íf youcan teach them: this Artofrehifying Con- fcience, it's belt do it before they go to the Univerfity,or before they fpend much time and Iabour in fludy. Howmany years ftudy, and reading might this Art fave them? Prefently reíifie all your erroneous opinions, and fave the labour. L. But when men have Iifcient help, they are unexcufable if' they go on in Error. M. Then either no Man livingbath fufficient . help, or elfe aÏj Men are unexcufable : For it's molt certain that all Men go on in a multitude ofErrors. L. But every Error hindereth not Mens right to Baptzfn. And do you think this doth will you try nöw and prove . to me that I may beunexcufeable, r. That Children have right to Baptifmmeerly upon theprefentation of a Neighbour orStrati-- ger that never owned them. 2. That it is not the Parents Duty to dedicate them folemnly to Chriíf, and to be the Perfon .(as having power Of them) that muff Covenant for them. 3. That it is lawful for Neighbours or Strangers, to undertake and Vow that for the child's Education, which they are neither able to perform, nor ever intended it ? 4.- That it is lawful for Parents either togive up their Children to fuch Sponfors for to Educate them, or to feek or accept fuch to Vow and Covenant, that which the Parents know they never meant to,, do , and which if asked , [Do you ferioufly intend todo all this for my Child ?] they will fay, No : Is it lawful thus . to