Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

rigs]. triflers to Affent and Confent to reject all fromBaptifm that are not fubrritted to it. I am now only to tell you that this Submilon is a part ofthe Lay. conformity, for want of which they are punitned with the denial of Baptifm. L. But they that are againft it may yet let the Mjnifler ufe it on their Children : That's his acct , and not theirs : and they cannot hinder him _: They fend their Children to be Baptized, and not to be Crofs'd. M But we have many 4rrtipadobaptifls, and converted yen,: to be Baptized at Age. 2. And tho' I am muchofyour mind in this, yet all wirer .Men arenot ; and the cafe is very difficult as to Infants : If one knew beforehand that the Priemwould ufeOil , and Spittle, andEx- orcifm, and invocate Saints and Angels over the baptized Child, it were hard to fay, I fend him only to be Baptized] when he knew how finfully it will be done.- The truth is , I can juffifie no Man that will fubmit his .Child to fuch a croffing at Baptifm, that canceteris paribus have it byanother better done, tho Pro- hibited by Man : We muff not be guilty ofother Mens Sins, nor of Church Corruptions. L. Chriff that will have mercy and not facrifice, would not have men refufe Chriftendom forfear of a Crofs. M. Chrift who would have Teachers learn that Lefl°on, i wild have' mercy and not facrifèe, would have no Minifter deny Chri,, flendom to fuch as think their croffing finful : And yet he would have no Man commit any Sin, to gain Baptifm : but will fave the unbaptized that defired it, fo they might have had it with- out ; and will himfelf Phew Mercy to fuch as confent not to a polluted Sacrifice. And would have us prefer- a lawful way when we can have it. Baptifm is our Renunciation of Sin. Cllap,A