Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

C X57] toSuborn Men,and put them on fo great a Sin? Cure thefeErrors in me ifyóu can. L. I toldyou before that they may agree to f eakas in your Name. M. And I told; you, fo many do : but that's nothing to Confor- mity, it being none of the fence of the Church, as I proved. Was this any of the conditions of Baptifin of Chrift's making? was this neceflary when Philip laid to the Eunuch , 7f thou believe with all thy heart, thou m cif1 be baptized ? Or when Paul laid , Elfe were your Children unclean, but now are they holy? I Cor. 7. 14. L. But your Child (hall not be unbaptized for this : The Church mill conftrain the Baptizing of it. M. Whom will they confirain ? I. Not the Minifier : He is not to Baptize it, ánlefs it be brought and defired. 2. Not the Godfathers : For none can compel any to be a Godfather, nor ever do. 3. But it is the Parent that is compelled? How ? Thofe that hold it lawful will do it without Compulfion, the Baptizing of their Child being defìrable to them. But thofe that think it a Sin, will rather be Excommunicate and lie in Jail; and, fo they cañnot compel them. And the Anabaptiftt Children are moffly unbaptized for all their Compulfion. But the ufual way ofNonconformifts is to elude the Canon and to agree privately with the Godfathers to be but Witnefles or Se- conds, and that the Parent himfelf will be there prefent, and when theQueftions are put to the Godfathers, will fhew his con- lent by bowing, tho' he may not (peak. But fuch fhifts to avoid the Evil of Conformity, is no Jufli- fication of Conformity or the Canon , nor of any that will deny Baptifm for anunneceflary ifnot an ungodly device ofMan and that when themfelves feem to make Baptifm neceflary to Salvat ion ; and do clearly make it a means that afcertaineth Sal- vation toInfants. Chap. L. Point VII, Of `Denying Rafrtifm to them that care not fulmit to the ufe of the Englifh Crojing, MVII. VVHat is Paid againfi our way of Croffing, as a dedicating Sign , and Badge of Chrittianity, if not a Humane Sacrament of the Covenant of Grace, I have faid before, and muff not repeat : And all() what it is for Mi- nifters