Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(9 ) VIL Andwe may fuppofe that he that either commandeth or perfwadeth others tobe perjured, or that openly juftifieth their perjury, by telling;them that it is noperjury, or no fin, is guilty of their perjury. VIII. And we fuppofe that to draw whole Ghurches and King- doms into perjury, by force, perfwafion, example or juftifica- tion of it, and telling them that they need not repent of it, is one of the hainoufeft figs that man can commit, except making it the very Mark or Stigma without which none may be Magiftrates, Minifters or Freemen. L. No one 1 hope will deny any of this. M. IX. We prefuppofe that all Vows, Oaths, Covenants, Profellions, impofed by Superiours, mutt be taken in that fence in which they any way expound them, without forcing them ei- ther by a laxe or an over -rigid interpretation : But if they do not otherwife expound them, they muff be taken in the fence as thofe wordsare commonly ufed and underftood, by fuch as treat of the fubjea which they belong to. L. You have fo cauteloufly expreg it, that I canna- contracl;E you. M. I muff not be tedious in writing the fame things oft. Ifany doubt whether our expofitions of Oaths and Subfcriptions be not over-feria or rigid, I pray you read the words of Dr. Sanderfon, cited by me in theend of my first Plea for Peace, and know that we nand to his rules of expofition. X. We may fuppofe that, Peeing repenting and amending is thecondition offorgivenefs, to make a Covenant in any fin that we will never repent and amend, is Ib heinous acrime, as is next to the renouncing of Pardon and Salvation : And in National guilt and danger deliberately toCovenant that we will never endeavour any amendment of the Nations fin, is next to begging Gods Curie on the Land ; e. g. If a man were aFornicator andPerjured, and the Land commonlyguilty,of the fame, he that would make a Bargain or Covenant, and that deliberately, that he will never amend, nor ever endeavour toamend the Land or anyother-- - What would you think of that mans cafe ? L. What jhould Lthipkbatt that he is a Monger and miferable Wretch ? But what's that to us ? I hope there are noire filch in C England,