Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( 10 England, that worfe than Witches, would fell themfelves and the Nation to the Devil. M. I pray over-run me not in the application : I do but tell you what I fuppofe we are agreed in : I fhall tell you after why I fpeak it. S.I. I alfo fuppofe that bare Poffeffion proveth not a Bifhopor Paflors right to the place and power which he claimeth : Nor is any difï'eizedof his right by being diffeized of feparable accidents. L. That's true : But what ure y.ou'l make of it I knownot. PI XII. Laffly, I muff delire you to remember, that as we profefs to flick at nothingbut fin againft God (and not things in- different as we are flandered), fo if but one of all the impofed Ads of Conformity be certainly finful, and if but one of all the Arguments which I (hall ufe do prove it fo, not only the two thou- fond that were ejecîed were bound to be Nonconforrnifis, but alfo all the Englifh Minifiry, and the Ac`t of Uniformiry (if Con- formity be fin) did vertually, though not adually, turn out all the Clergy at once, becaufe all were bound rather to reign than. L. The truer and more dreadful the confequence is, the hardlyer will I believe the antecedent, tillIneeds umft. - M You cannot expect that we affirm it : For i . We know how cautelous we mutt be in meddling with the cafe of other men : Let them judge themfelves who arecalled to it. 2.. And I toldyou before what the Law threatens, and the Canons, againft them that affirm any of the impofitions tobe finful: ; much more that (hall fo deeply accufè theLaws. 3. But fureno Law or Rea- fön forbiddeth men to fear finning againft God themfelves, nor to tell theWorldwhat it is that they fear, and why they dare not dcli . it, without accufingany other. C H A P. f?. What our orca formìty is not ? .tLI. Efore I tell you whereinour Nonconformityloth confift, I muit tell you wherein it dóth not confifi, to avoid the falfe reports that commonly go abroad againft us. And therefore I mutt premife that I pretend not to tell youthe opinion of every odd perfon that Conformeth not ; no more than 7ou juffifie all that Conform in all their opinions. I think few doubt