Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( 2 5 ) claim it as unlawfull , fo that we have their confeflion. 2. It is the fame fault as Anabaptiftry. If they be blame- lefs whymake you fiach a noife againft the Anabaptifts. To be twice made a Christian, and twice made a Minifter is of the like kind., 3. It is fomething caufelefly to cart our felves under the Cenfureof all the Church that bath been againft it, and to be condemned by them. 4. It is a plain prophanationofGod's holy name, and ofa great and holy Ordinance, by Lying and taking God s name in vain. For they are faid to he now admitted to the Office, and this day to receive it, and God is told that they are now called to it. And all their Examinations and Anfwers imply that they were no Minifters before, and the-Bithop faith [Receive the Holy Gholt, for the Office andwork of a Priefl now committed to thee by the ;'mpofition of our hands] which all imply it not done before. And in fo facred a contras with God, to lie to him, and prophanely abufe his name, and the holy GholIs, and the Duty of Prayer and Praife, is tremendous. Be not deceived God is not mocked. 5. It is a confederacy with Corrupters and Ufurpers, that arrogate and appropriatevalid Ordination to themfelves, and a confirming all their injury to pofterity, that all that shall hereafter imitate them may be encouraged, by alledging our Re ordination. 6. It is a hainous injury to all the other Reformed Churches as if we degraded their Minifters and feparated from them all as no Churches. For one part of them have no Diocefans, and the ref have Biíhops, that at the Reformation were Or- dained by Presbyters. 7. It is contrary to one of the Articles of our Religion, 23. TheJe we ought tojudge them lawfully called and fens, which be chofenand called to this work, bymen, who have publick authority given to them in the Congregation to call andfend Minifters, &c. But in other Countries , Presbyters have publick authority, given them. And Art. 36. The book of Confecration doth contain all thingsneceffary to fuck confecration and Ordaining. But it hath nothing for Re-ordaining thofe beforeOrdained. E 8. It