Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(.24 ) tion and Indunion. It is neither 'of the two laft that we (peak againft. Theymay be often done : But its only the firft, 2. The word [Ordination] may fgnifie ; i . That Moral ani- on bywhich, a man is made a Minifter of Chrift, which is, his fo- lemn Contran with Chrift, expreft by his Confent, and by the Ordainers inverting anion : This is it which we mean in the Con troverfie, which may not be one twice. 2. Or it may lignifie the meer words of the Ordainers and Ordained, which make up the fàid Moral anion. We deny not but the fame words repeat- ed maymake up oneMoral Ordination : If the Bifhop by tautolo- gy repeat them twice or thrice : Or if they fhould to fàtisfiemen of divers Languages that are prefent, be firft fpoken in Englifh, and after in French, or when force that doubted require it, fhould go over them again -; all this is but one Ordination. L. Hoiv prove you that our Bifhops intend any more, when they fay, it is only to fatffie the Law, that you may be capable in Eng- land. M i . That it is not a meer relation to force particular cure that theymean, is uuidenyable : r. Becaufe they call that by thename of Inftitution and Indunion, and not of Ordination. 2. Becaufe they never ordain any over and over upon removals. 3. Becaufe the words of Ordination in the Book tell it us. 2. That they do it not as a Repetition of the fame valid Ordi- nation is paft .doubt. r. Becaufe the fame repeated by the fame men will not ferve. 2. It is to be done, again ten or twenty years after the firft. 3. He is tobe fined in an hundred poundthat adminiftreth the Sacrament without it. 4. He is taken for no true Ninifter without it, which, cannot be true of a bare repetition of words : No reafonablemen would lay fò muchon that. 3. It is undeniable that they take men for unordained, and no Minifters till they ordain them : r. Becaufe they all difown re- ordaining ; theyknow that the Canons called the Apoftles, and the whole antient and later Church condemn it as like Anabap- tiftry ; and noone Bifhop inEngland will not renounce it : There- fore its certain that they take the firft Ordination for null. 2. And theyhave fodeclared their judgmentin many words and writings, and in the Anof Uniformity, it is plainly intimated in thepenalty. L. Andwhat harm is there in being twice Ordained ? Ad hominem I neednot difpute it : All the Bifhop claidifm