Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

4.. Was not the neceflity far more notorious to thoi'e that I now plead for. They lived in a Land where Epifcopcy was cart out, and kept out by a potent Army. I think there were but four or five Bifhops alive when it was reltored. 5. it is falfe that they caft out the Bifhops. Thofe Mini- fters that joyned with the Parliament to caft them out, were Ordained by Bifhops, and therefore arenone of the men that we are .fpeaking of : Thefe that were Ordained by Presby- ters were then young men at School, or in the Univerfities. And what are other mens anions to them L. But they a -e ofthe fame mindandparty. M. Are you a Lawyer, and do you accule men in the Temple without naming them, and bringing proof of their guilt. Noxa caput fequitur, fhould all the Clergy be called guilty if S :bthorp, or 111anmaring, or Heylin were proved fo ? what error you accufe them of, prove and punifh them for no other. 6. But I prove that the Bifhops themfelves made other Or- dination neceffary. Becaufe they would Ordain none with- out finful fubfcriptions and conditions, which mutt not be yielded to : If you can prove the terms lawful on which they Ordain, I fhall trie your skit anon. H. I farther prove the Ordination in question valid, thus, Where there isa true notification of God's will that thisperfcn(hall be a Minifler o f the Gofpel, there isno want ofvalidity in his Ordinati- on; But thofe here ordained by Presbyters might have fuch a true notification of God'swill -- Ergo, The major is plain ; Becaufe God's will and Man's confent are the fundamentum of the Rela- tion ; therefore nothing can be wanting to it's being and validity. The Minor is proved. Thofe men that have laudable abi- lity, and willingnefs, and the confent of a people in true ne- ceflity, and the approbationof a National Afic .bly ofLearned Divines (ofwhich many Bifhops were called to be members) and the inverting Ordination of the gravent Senior Paítors, that were then to be had, had a true notification of God's will that they fhould be his Minifters. But fuch were thefe in queftion. Ergo. Bz nIl. Mg