Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( 2S ) III. The way of ordination, which was valid in the Primitive Church is nowvalid.Britfuch is that in queflion. Ergo. As to the Minor ; The Ordination of fuch Paftors as were but the Reiors of Tingle Congregations, was it that was va- lid in the Primitive Church. But fuch is that inqueftion. I)o.`ior Hammond labours to prove that in Scripture time there were no other Bifhops or Presbyters but the tingle Pa- liars of Tingle AiTemblies : Mr. Clertifon hath fully proved, and I more fully in .my Treatife of Epifcopacy, that for a hun- dred and fifty years, if not much more, there were no parti- cular Churches bigger than our Parifhes. A Bifhop then was but the chief Parilh, or Congregational Paftor, who guided it with his Afliftance. And fuch are all our Incumbents (efpe. cially in great Towns) who have Chapels and Curates and Leaurers to afliít them. And Grotitu de Imper. from. Pot. fhew- eth that really the chief Paftor ofa Church is a Bifhop, what- ever they call him. But I have fo largely proved in my Treatife of Epifcopacy, pag. 231, 232, &c. 'that our queftioned .Or- dainers were fcripture Bifhops, and that thole now called Presbyters Ordained long after, that I muft not repeat the fame things here again. IV. 7hofe that are in. Orders may confer Orders : Or- diizis efi Ordinare, as Vfher was wont to fay ; As Phyficians make Phyficians, and Philofophers make Philofophers , and Genefation propagateth the Species : And our Church con- fenteth to this i. In that Presbyters muft concur in Ordi- nation by Impofition of hands, which is an a t of authority and collation. 2. In that the Convocation hath a greater power, even Canon making; and that .Convocation confifteth half and more of Presbyters,and the Canons Excommunicateth all that deny it to be the reprefenfative Church of Eng... land. But Presbyters have the power of Order (as Bithop Carlton de Yurifdi i. proveth it commonly acknowledged) equal with Bi- fhops.. pag: 7. And the Church of England in King &flfrik's time (ad Ylrolf, in Seelman, pag. 575. 1. 17.) Affirm. that. Bi- fhops and Presbyters are but oneOrder. V. Thofe may ordain validly whofe Ordination is more warrant- able than that o fRoman Bifhopr ( for our Bifhops own theirs as,