Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

C 3° in queilion, had the confent of the Flocks and neighbour Ministers ; but the faid Biînops come in by the Magiftrate without the confent or knowledge of the Flocks, and fo do the Ministers ufually whom they Grdain. And what the ancient Church thought of this, abundance of Canons thew. I71e now cite but one, Concil. Nic. 2. Can. 3. Omnem Eletiionem qua fit a Magiftratibus, Epafcopi Presbyteri vel Diaconi irritant manere ex canone dicente, fìquis Epifcopau fecularibus Magìfratibau ufus,per cos Eccìe(ïam obtinuerit, deponatur & fegregetur, & omnes qui cum eo Communicant. Oportet cairn earn qui e¡t promovendm ad Epifcopatum ab Epifcopis eligi, quemadmodum a fanFlis patribus Nicenis decretum eft in Can. qui elicit [Epifcopum oportet maxime quidem ab omnibus qui font in provincia confiatai. And many Councils nullifie their Epifcopacy that come not in by the ele&ion or confent of Clergy and People, which ad hominem is fomewhat to them that urge inch Councils againft us. L. I confefs your reafons feem ananfwerable, at leaft as to the cafe of neceffity, which I am convinced was the cafe of thofe that were ordained when there were no Bifhops to whom they could have atccefs, or no place in the Minifiry without Presbyters Ordination, and who then durft not be twice Ordained : And for Churchmen that mull be flrally Religious to feer on fach terms I cannot [peak againft. But we fecalar men think, thefe too little things to fuffer for. M. If your confciences can call fuch prophanation of Gods Name , fuch condemnation of Proteflant Churches , filch Itrengthening the hands of- a little thing, they íhali be no meafure for our confciences : For we believe that we must die, and that there is a God and a righteous final Judg- ment. C., H A P. VI. II. Of the Covenant and Oath of fCanoa nicaal Obedience to our Ordinary or `BiJL'op. L. THat harm is there in your promifing or (wearing obedi- ence to your Ordinary, in things Lawful and Honeft. What a. man fhoulddo, he (hould not refife tofwear or promife. Al. I will firft tell you the words impofed, and teen I will Rate the Controverfie, and then I will tell you our Reafons. The