Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(29) as valid and ordain them not again when they turn Prote itants) : But the Presbyters that Ordained here fourteenyears, did it more warrantably than the Roman FiJhops. Ergo, r. The Papifts Ordain men to a falfe Office ; to be Mal's- Priefts : But the faid Paftors ordained none but to the fame office that Chrift inftituted. 2. The Papifts have their power ofOrdination from the Pope, whole own power and office in Specie is a falle Ufurpati- on But it is not fo here, where the ordaining Paftors were . lawfully called. 3. Papifts Ordination enters them into a falfe Church in Specie (a pretended catholick Church headed by the Pope) ; but our Paftors entered them intono Church but Chrifts. 4. Papifts make them take finful Oaths and Conditions before they Ordain them. But thefe. Paftors (at leaft that impofed not the Covenant) did not. Ifyet any will nullifie the Reformed Churches and Miniftry and, their Ordination, and not the Papifts, we may under- - ftand what their Mind and Communion is. VI. That Ordination is valid which is lefs culpable, than many Diocefans : But filch is that in queftion. Ergo,. To the proof of the Minor (which only needsproofhere). r I. Some Diocefans here have been Papifts (as Godfrey Good- man of Gloucefier) and divers have pleaded for and owned. a Forreign urifdic`l`ion , which the Oath of Supremacy. ab- jureth. 2. I have fully proved in the laid Treatife of Epifcopacy that the Office of Paftors of Tingle Churches is more warrant- able than our Diocefans who are the foie Biíhops of many fcore or hundred Churches. 3. The faid Presbyters (at leaft who medled not with the Covenant) irnpofed no unlawful condition on the Ordained, as too many Bìfhops: have done.. 4. Many Bilhops plead the derivation of their power from. Rome : And what theirs. is I (hewed before.. But becaufe I mutt not write a Treatife on this one queífion, you may read it done copioufly and unanfwerably by. Voetiaw againft Comel. 7anfenitude defperata Caufa Papatus. Yet I add one differencemore.. The Ordainers and Ordained