Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

4° ) L. But as long asyou may have Licenfes., how.doth this pest you on any fin of oms'ffion or commijon ? M.Both theirwords and their deeds tell us that'theyFOrdaia more than they Licence to Preach or Expound any Do'trine. And is it no finful omitlion think you for all the rat to for- bear all this? z.Andmany wereOrdained heretofore,whoby the new A&of Uniformity, are denyed Licenfes without newProfefìïons and Covenants and terms which they undertake to prove finful. 3. And our Miniftry is by this made arbitrary to the Bi- fhops will. He may bind us to the Office, and when he hath done keep us from it. L. Ifthey denyyou Licenfes they bindyou not to preach. a Vow andDedication to the facredOffice Mark the Covenant which they impofe on us [Areyou deter- Mined out of the Scriptures to inflruel thepeople committed to your Charge, &c. Anfw. I havefo determinedby God's Grace. QWill yougive your faithful diligence always fo to minif`rier the Doîtrine and Sacraments, and the Difcipline of Chrift as the Lord bath com- manded, &c. that you may teach the people committed to your Care andCharge, with all diligence to keep and obferve the fame. Anfw. I willfo do by the help of the Lord. Q. Will you be ready with all faithful diligence to banifh and drive away all erroneous and flrange doUtrines contrary, to God's word, and toufe both publickand private monitions and exhortations, as well to the lick as to the whole within your Cure, as needjhallrequire, andoccafion (hall be given. Anfw. I will the Lordbeingmy helper.] Is it not treachery to draw men intoall thefe Vows, and then to command them never to Preach nor Expound any Do- itrineor matter any where? Doth it not comenear to an A.the- ittical prohibition of Religion, may they not tell their people the meaning of Baptifm, or the Creed, or Lord's-Prayer, or Commandments? May they not teach their own Childrenand Ser- vants thefe. If a Prieft may not do it, much leffe the Laity and Vulgar. L. The meaning is not, ;againft expounding to their children or wives at home, but in the Church? M. Can the Church of England tell fuck a meaning no plainer than by laying [either in his otn cure or elfewhere.] Is Dot