Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( 4I not his Houfe or Ms Neighbour's Houfe eIfewhere : If they can fpeak no plainer, I would they would make us no Laws till God Licence them. 2. But fuppofe that [ elfewhere ] fpeak only of Churches, youknow that other Canons forbid them Preaching in private bout-es. 3. And _what a Prieft is that who muft be forbidden to teach the people in the Church : or there to tell Children the meaning of' the Catechifn ? :How like is this to the Mofcovy State ? L. Tau know that many men are unable"; to Preach, Expound orfpeakfenfe about Divinity if they fhould attempt it. M.And are fuchfit to be made theTeachers and Guides of the Flock, (hall the fame men makeaman anHofpital, and when they have done forbid him to do any more than read to them a Phyfick Book of their making ? Is it not an ability to teach men, at leaft the Effentials of Chriftianity, Eilèntial to a Minifter? Do they not then make No-minißers and call them Priefls, if they ordain men that cannot Teach the of entials L. Reading the Scripture, and Homilies is Teaching. M. It is fo : but if that only will qualifie one for the Prieft- hood, one maybe a Prieft that knows no more than an Infi- del or Atheift: and if Reading will qualifie men for a Bene- fice, many will Rudy for no more : and the people will va- lue them accordingly. L. Butyou know that when the Land came out of Popery, we muß have meer Readers in me places, or worfe. MAnd you know that thefe Canons were, made in K.James's days long after that, and that they are now continued as the Church Laws: Did our laft Convocation alter them ? It is fuch excellent men as the world is not worthy of (Ames, Bayn, Parker, Hilderfham, Dod, &c.) that have been forbid- den to Preach, whileft there that could not preach were Or- dained and inducted. It is only the prefent things that I am fpeaking of. 2. And though men of mean abilities, if tolerable, may be tolerated, yet men that want effential qualifications lhould G. not