Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

9 ( 42 ) not be made Minifters ; but if bare Reading be necefl'ary, they may Read as Laymen. I conclude therefore that as making fuch Priefts and Ca- ntons is a fin in them,' fo to obey them by omillion of Mini- fterial teaching , for want of a Licence from the Biíhops would be finful Conformity in any true Minifter of Chrift if he live where his Minifterial work is neceffary. And to forbear all Expounding any matter,or dodrine,fave, by Reading our Homilies, is facriledge and perldioufnefs, and uncharita- ble inhumanity. CHA P. VIII. IV, and V. Offtbfribing and declaring .,lfnt and Confint. L. Tfiat is your next exception to Conformity. M. Subfcribingaccordingto the Canon, that there is nothing in the book of Common-Prayer contrary to the word of God., and that we will ufe no other form. 2. And publickly declaring our Affent and Confent to all things contained and prefcri- bed inand by it, andour Approbation of all the Forms, Orders, &c, as aforefaid. L. What haveyouagainfi this Approbation of the Liturgy? M. Negatively, I. We blame nothing in it that is good And I take it for a good Book, in the main, but not faultlefs. As you faid of the Canon of allowing Readers, fo fay I of the Liturgy ; it was better immediately after Popery than it is now, that is, it was more congruous, and was a great Re- formation, and we honour the Book and their Memory that made it. 2.We do not think that there is any fuch faultinefs in it, as maketh it unlawful to joyn in the publick Woríhip, and ordinary Communion, with the Church where it is ufed, We honour them as true Churches of Chrift. 3. I do not think it unlawful to read the ordinary Lords day Service, when the publick good requireth it, and we can have no better without greater hurt than benefit : Our ob- jeCtions being molt againft the by-offices, efpecially of Bap- tizing arid Burial.. But,