Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

ç 47 . Tranflations are all faulty, being the work of faulty, men And no wife men will declare that this or that or'anÿ' Tran- flation bath nothing in it contrary to the Original Word of God. Andare our Bifhops Books more faultlefs? 5. It is a fin toConfederate with and Encourage Inch auda- cious Lording it over the Faith and Souls of men, and fuch ill Examples. L. Tour infanccslhew thatyou expound them too firiElly : Canyou imagine them fo infolent And impious as to impofe their own Books moreflrialy than the Bible, and require more Afent and Content. M. Cant what you will : I mutt fuppofe that matter of Fact which isundeniably evident, . toour fenfes : It's an ill argil. ment [This is unreafonable and ungodly or inhumane. Er o,. It was not done] What is fo falfe, abrurd or impious that man may not do ? L. Somefay, They are Articles of Peace only, and not ofFaith. M. Some Brains will be cheated with a meer noife of words. as Birds with a whiffle : We deny not but Peace is one of the ends of the Impofitions : but the quell-ion is what are the Means.: Or whether they will take it for Conformity to promife CI will live peaceably J or [ I Afent that I fhould live in Peace]. ; Are you not bound in order to peace, to Afent and Content to all things in the .Books ? Say, [ I Afent that forne things are true andgood, andfame things falfe and bad, whichyet for Peace Iwill ufe j and try how it will betaken? L. Well: What is therein thefe Books contrary to Gods Word, or whichyou may not Afent and Content to?' M. The number is greater than we would have them. L will come to the chief of them, which I before named toyou.. L.. Iforgat to tell you, that it is not all contained, that is Af- tented to, but all that is both contained and prefcribed. M. LA meer quibble to cheat Confcience : Ask the Bithop Morley and Bithop Gunning yet living, whether this was the fence, and I will take their anfwer. 2. Then ['Vint and Contained] had beenput in in vain and to deceive, if [Content and Prefcribed] fignife as much with- out them. 3.. The word [appro&atien] in this At`t, and [nothing contra- ry. to Gods Word] in the Canon, confute this quibble. 4, 1,