Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( 5 2 ) 8. Some hold that it belongeth to none that by Baptifm are taken into any Congregation guilty of Hardie or Schifm. 9 Some hold that it belongeth to all thatare baptizedby a Minifter who is ordained by Bithops that have uninterrupted Canonical Succe(hon, and not to others. 10. Some hold that the Baptifine of a Lay-man or a Wo- man may be effetual to the Salvationof fuch. Some Conformilts hold that all Infants in the World are faved, baptized and unbaptized, 12. The molt of the Papilts hold that the baptized are faved both from the pain of Senfe and of Lofs, but the unbaptized are faved from the pain of fenfe only, but not of lofs ; and fo have neither Joy nor Sorrow. 13. Many wife Men hold that Salvation is certain according to the firl Opinion to the Seed of Sincere. Believers , but that we have no certain notice at all , what God will do with all the reft ( baptized or unbap- tized). a+ Many think that God bath a certain number of infants Elect whom he will fave , and will call away the rely but that no man can know who they be ; though the Faithful may have fame uncertain hopes for their Children more than others, but no Promife. 15. Some think that the Common Rate of Infants in the Life to come is utterly unrevealed and unknown to us. I do not fay that none of there opinions Mould bedifclaimed But among all which Learned,godlymen ofall Countries hold, to fay he that is not certain offome one of them as God's word is unmeet to be a Minilter is dividing arrogance, ofmen that overvalue themfelves. L. Ill. How then can you make, good your charge of falfehood ? May it not be true among manyfalfeones? M. I make it good two ways ; men mull fay they are cer- tain thatare not certain. I. No man can be certain that God's word faith that which it Both not fay 7. But God's word Both not fay directly, or by confecluence that all baptized dying