Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

St Pro-parents. But it was never the judgment of the ancient Churches that all Heathens or Infidels Children have right to Baptifcaid at if tlu offer tifm. Much s htiis cerainbyGods Word thataeb inch are faxed. 2. Articles of Faith are all contained in the Scripture, and that is not new ; therefore nothing that is new can be an Ar ticle of Faith ; nor can it be laid to be newly declared which was there from its beginning. L. II. And why call you it arrogant and dividing ? M. Becaufe it prefamptuouily condemneth the Reformed Churches and the Chriftian World, determining that to be fo certain by Gods Word, that none thou Id doubt of it that will be a Minister, when the ChriftianWorld is of many feveral opinions about it. L. What be thofe Opinions about it? M r. Some hold that the Covenant being the fame par- doning favingCovenant that is made to the faithful and their Seed, and their Children exprefly called Holy, they are all in a ítate of pardon and falvation before baptifme, and baptifme doth but celebrate and inveft them in it before the Church ; and folemnly feal their Covenant right. And that this Pav- ing right is given only to the feed of the fincerely faithful, or at moil to thofe that have filch Pro- parents, though the Seed of Hypocrites mutt be received by the Church, that know not mens hearts. And this I take to be the Truth. 2. Some others hold that this right toSalvation belongeth to them that have Grand fathers and Grand-mothers or re- mote Anceftors that were truly Godly Chriftians. Some hold that it belongeth to all the Seed of p'rofe(fed Chriftians how bad foever the Parents be. 4. Some hold that it belongeth only to the Childrenoftrue Believers that are baptized, but not to the unbaptized. 5. Some hold that it belongeth to Hypocrites Children that are baptized, but not to the unbaptized. 6. Some hold that it belongeth to all baptized ones if they have God fathers that profefs Chriftianity. 7. Some hold that it belongeth to all baptized by a true be- lieving Minister, for the H the Church. Some