Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(6) fubjetiveîy certain, if he mean that it is evident and certain to others andnot to him, it's a contradiction: for if he know it not to becertain he cannot tell that another doth. L. But though you be not certain of it, the fubfcribers may. AI. r. I have proved that no man is certain of it, z. Judge by all the refs of their wifedom, whether every Youth that comes for Ordination from the Univerfities, be fo much wi- fer than we, that they are certain of this which we think uncertain or falfe. Judge by their otherqualifications, whe- ther the feven thoufand Minifters that declared their afï'ent to the Bookbefore they ever faw itNare like to be certainer than the two thoufand that were caft out : And are they certainof this that are uncertain of many great andweighty truths through ignorance? 3. Yea many Conformills and Papis, fay that Infant Zap- tifm cannot be provedby Scripture, but by Tradition. And. can Ten thoufand Minifters then be certain by Scripture that baptized Infants are faved ? How grofs a contradiction is this ? 4. And judge farther of the credit and modefty of fuck men : force Divines fay that Faith it feif bath not evidence, and that he that doubteth of Chriftianity and the Life to come may be faved, ifhis belief of it be but ftrong enough to make him truft and prefer it before all this world. And I hear their greateft Divines fay that few would be faved if none but they that are undoubtedly certain of the Life to come, and of the truth of the Gofpe! should be Caved. And yet all muff be caft or kept out of the Miniftry that will not affirm that they are more certain of a hard Controverfie if not of an untruth, than Chrift requit eth us to be ofour very Chrifti- anity. L. IV. Wbat is the fourth part of your reafon againfi this point M. r. We dare not father that on God which he never fpake. 2. An we dread the curie, Rev. 22. againft them that Ihall add to his word, viz. that he will add his curfes upon them. How terribly are falle Prophets threatned that fay, Thusfaith the Lord, when the Lord never laid it. This is to belie God and to take his name in vain. ,Anal for Nine thoufand