Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( 57 ) thoufand or Ten thoufand Minifters to affirm that this is rev. tainby God's word that they are undoubtedly faved, and when they have done cannot to this day, thew us'one word of God that faith it, is fuch an adding to his word as we had rather frill be called all that's naught; and imprifoned thaft be*guilty of. We'take it.for a Fanatick prefumption it Papifts to pre- tend to be infallible in Councils, indetermining thofe things which out of the Council through ignorance they underffood not : and how it fhould be but by Enthufiafm, or fanatickpre- tence ofInfpiration, that a multitude of raw ignorant fellows, or lads fhould come_to find that in God's word as undoubtedly certain, which none of us in forty or fiftyyears fearch could ever find there, I cannot tell. L. 1 know not what to fay to this : I would they had left it to mens free thoughts. M. And do you think now that it's lawful for us delibe- rately to Mint and Confent that this is an undoubted certainty when we are not certain, nor believe it to be true. Should we lie to be conformable, were there but this one thing it obligeth us to Nonconformity whateverwe fuffer for it. C H A P. X. Point VII. Of the Eriglifh fort of God- fathers at "Baptifm. LATHat have you againfi our ufe of Godfathers in Baptifm. M. I. Negatively, we are not at all againft the old fort of Patrimi, Sufceptors, or Sponfors that were ufed at Baptifm in theancient Churches; though we think it but a prudential thing, and not of neceffity to Baptifm. L. What mean you by the ancient fort? what didthey? M. At.firft, the adult were themfelves Baptized : for their Children had no right till the Parent was a Chriftian. And for three hundred years Chriftians were under Heathen per- fecution inwhich force forfook Chriflr for feilliby apoftafie, and others died while their Children were in Infancy, who were thereby expofed to defertion, or to Infidel Education. Wherefore to fecure the Education of thefe Infants, the Su- fceptors that joyned with the Parentsas their Seconds. I. Did I tei ifie