Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(7T) to ,leave them as without -any promife of life from Chrift And how can we believe that God will give them that which he never promifed them. And {hall I damn fouls for want of a humane unnece(fary, if not corrupt invention. 3. It is again!± the interell of Chrift and the Church ? !nail I make a Covenant to rob Chrift and the Church of.vifibie Members for nothing? Murthering Infants is death by God's Laws and mans? And Innocents day is one ofthe Chrilfmas Holy days. And is it a thing indifferent for me and all the Minifters of the National Church, to make a folemn bargain that we Affent and Confent to keep out all from the Church and from the Covenant (and in their fenfe the hope) of Sal- vation on fuch an account as this. L. The thing were difmal and unexcufable.if it were a you make it : But how can you fay that they (hut them out when they force all Parents to bring them in, and to fubmit to their way ? when did you ever (Mott any child refuted on this account. M. Many a hundred in my time. The Law refufeth them, and it is in vain for the Parents to fend them to a Minifter who they know bath folernnly covenanted to rejet them. Hundreds have been baptized by Nonconformifts, becaufe the Church refufeth them. 2. And as to their compelling men to get Godfathers I an- fwer, i. Thole that think it a fin will not obey that com- pulfion, but rather faffer. 2. If any yield against confcience to efcape fuffering, fuch compulfion doth but drive them to- wards damnation. 3. But thofe that yield to it by compul- lion, do but feern to do ,it, and do it 'not : For they agree before hand with the Godfathers, to reprefent them, and (peak in their names, and to be'themlelves no undertakers. Though á1,1 this is very hard Miffing. L. Iconfefs this is a cafe fo diflant from things`indiffevent, that were there but this one reafon, I will no more perfuade any to 4f- font and Content to all things containedandprefcribed, even to the ufe. M. And what think you if the fame men that made thefe. Canons and lùbfcribe to all this, are the !harp- condemners ofSchifin and Anabaptiffry. r What is'Schifm, if this be not?, caufelefsly to keep out fo many from the Church? And have not,,