Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

!!! 1 ; 0 t 4 r J to; ( 72 ) riot the Anabaptifts a far more excufable pretence to deny the baptizingof Infants, than this in queftion is: The cafe is of great difficulty to them, and it is Chrift's will that they doubt of. But here is no difficulty ? And thefe men let the will and devife of man againft Chrift, who faid Forbid then not,, and was Angry with thofe thatforbad them to come to him. CHAP. XII. Point IX. Of the Crofis in Bapt. L. T Have oft wondred what any man can fay a,,o-ainfl the ufe of the Crofs in Baptifm, which fignifieth our refolution to be true to a crucified Chrifi. M. I have oft thought many things abfurd in you Law- yers, to which I havebeen reconciled when I WOwell informed of the reafon of them. I ask you. i. Do you believe that Jefus Chrift is the King andonly uni- verfal Lawgiver to his Church. L. Tes, but men under himmay make local Laws. M. z. Do you believe that he is the Author of the Chriftian Baptifin ? L. Tes, no doubt, Ifind it, Mat. 20. 19. M. 3. Do you believe that he did it fo defedively that men may amend it. L. No doubt but he did his own workperfeelly. M. 4. Do you not believe that it is his Prerogative to in- ititute Sacraments of thecovenant of Grace ? L. res, no doubt ; for our Çhurch holdeth that there are but two, and difowneth the five Roman Sacraments. And yet I think moil of them may be called Sacraments, efpecially Ordination, and Matri- mony (andfo may .the Kings Coronation) but not Sacraments of the Covenant of Grace. AI. Let tis now enquire. i. What a Sacrament of the Covenant of Grace is. 2. Whether our trotting be not filch. I. TheRomans ufed the word [Sacraments ] for an exter- nal obliging covenantingceremony efpecially for the Aft of foldiers ceremony'by binding themfelves to military relation and fidelity to their captains. A Sacrament of the covenant -of grace is anoutwardvifibleAft or ceremony; by which we oblige our felves in covenant toChrift as our Saviour,prornifipg fidelity and