Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(79) L. If the praice be (mnful in rejeEing fach, Affenting and Con- Tenting anal Subfcribing to do it nufl befnful. M. The fin lyeth in what i before laid about refuting Bap- tilín. I. It maketh new terms of Church Communion. 2. It contradiaethChrift's appointed terms, which require all Chriftians to receive each other in Love and Concord And Paul exprefly decideth filch cafes, Rom. z4, and 15. Receive one another as Chrißl received im to the Glory of God. Will Chrift that receiveth them to pardon, grace and endlefs Glory, own thefe Rejeters and Condemners ? Or will he not fay, In as muchas yedid it toone the leaft of thefe my brethren, ye did it to me ? And who is he that cóndemneth, when it is Chrift that juftifieth. 3. They Ihall anfwer for depriving Chrift's Members of their right, as truely as if they opprefi'ed Widows, and Or- phans, and turned them out of theirhoufes, and inheritance. 4. They thall anfwer for Schifmatical tearing the Church: by their Engines. 5. And for ufurping a needlefs and hurtful dominion over mens faith, and confciences by their Church Legiflation. 6.. And for .cling that office which is made for the edifying and comfort of the Faithful, to drive confcience and obedi- ence toGod out of the world, by makingdoubtful, enfnaring impofitions, and then perfecuting and rendringodious all that dare not obey them for fear of fin, while they bear with the Rabble that hate ferious godlinefs, and encourage them by preferring them in their communion. L. But what pretence have anyagainft Kneeling? NI t. It is not a neceffary point of Salvation or communion, and therefore if they err they are not therefore to be Ex- communicate, unlcfs you will Excommunicate all that have errour and fin, that is, your (elves, and every l}vingman, 2. They have the pretence of real fearing that it is a frig to differ in the Gefture fromChrift's adminiftration, thinking.. that a Table geíture was intended by him to fignifie his facia* fce-Feaft. 3. They fear breaking the Second commandment, which is againft corporal feeming toworfhip as Idolaters do though thee-heart mean, better 5, and fo against fymbolizing with Ido- lacers