Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(78) come °a'il thedreadful Sermons, andVolumnes to thunder dam- nation againft those that do but flay away through fear of unpreparednefs, and they mull be Excommunicated that Com- municate not twice a year with them ; yea though they Com- municate elfewhere with Nonconformifts. L. Wherein lyeth the fanfitlnefs of Conformityhere? M. I. In fubfcribing , Affenting and Confenting to this. II. In practifing it againiJ Godly Believers. L. I have heard that 166r. at the Savoy they maintained that the Liturgy did not bindyou to put away them that do not Kneel, and fo you might fubfcribe to it. M. This quibble ferved mens turn that were refolved it fhould be ferved. The cafe was this They required us to lay by inconveniencies, and name only flat fins which the Liturgy required ; we gave them in a Catalogue of eight. This was the firlf, Denying the Lord's Supper to all that durfi not receive it Kneeling. They were hereupon divided among themfelves : Dr. Pierfon, and Dr. Gunning and Sparrow who were the Dif- putants, in policy finding that they fhould be hard put to it to juftifie finch rejections devifed this evafion, that the Litur- gy did only bidthemgive it Kneeling, but did notforbid themgi- ving it to others. Dr. Morley and others were againft their opi- nion, and fo they were divided : But they permitted the Dií- puters to go on (it being the laft day) in the way that ferved their prefent turn: But thecafe is clear. t. The Canon forbids them on pain of Sufpenfion to give the Sacrament to any that Kneel not. And they all take the Oath of Canonical obedience : And though in Licitis & ho- ne%tis be added, the terms lignifie that they are to take the Ca- nons as Licita & honefia : And thefe Canons, ipfo faflo, Ex- communicate all profeffed Nonconformifts. 2. They all fhbfcribe to ufe the form ofadminiffratingSa- craments in the Common-Prayer bogie, and no other. 3. The Church therefore expounds its own meaning in the Liturgyby the Canon, that agave it to themKneeling] lignifies giveit only to filch. 4. If any doubt of it let them trv, and their Suf enfon ac- cording to the Canon will expound it to them. L. J