Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

The EpiJle Dedicatory. obferve that the Nation generally rejoyceth in your peaceable entrance upon the Government. And are of fe6ted with indignation, if they hear but any rumors, that troublefom perfons would difturb their hopes. And many are perfwaded that you have been ftrangely kept, from participating in any of our late bloody contenti- ons , that God might make you an Healer of our breaches, and imploy you in that Templework, which Davidhimfelf might not behonoured with , though it wits in his mind, becaufe he hadshed bloodabundantly, and made great mars, r Chron.z 2. y, 8. I perceive alfo that fome fettlement ofChurch-affairs will be expeted from youby the molt. And therefore it concerneth all our welfare that you be well acquainted with the Rate of thole differences, about which all will expeâ your judgement. For my own part I think not that mat-. ters are half fo far out oforder in the Churches, as moft difcontented men imagine But yet I know there is .. much to bemended, whereinboth God and moft good men expe6t you fhould contribute a confiderable part. Somethink there is no fertlement in the Church , till they are in the faddle, andall their Brethren are become their fervants, and do themobeyfance. And alas, we have thofe that take it forno fettlement, till they have . the fword in their own hands , or have engaged . you to ufe it at their difcretion, and may again ,fill the Prifons . or other Lands, with their Brethren that are far better then themlelves t Thofe I mean that in their writings fó glory that their predeceffors hang'd the Puritans, and lament that of late they were but filenced,as being a lefs eflec}uall means. Some would have no otherfettle ment then we lave, or elfe wouldhave Licentior:fflefs fettledby a Law, and haveunlimited Liberty_inReligion, Dtubtlefs thefe are confcious what it is that they have need