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The Epifile Dedicator.;. need of : it Heathens, Infidels and Papifts be butei- cepted out of theToleration, it difpleafeth them : And we caneafilyconjecture why. If wegrant them all the Libertyof their confciences ( that is) of their mif-belief, becaufe, alas,we cannot cureit) it fatisfieth there not, unlefs they may have alfo Liberty of tongue and Pra- äife. When I have heard and read the Reafonings of fome of them againft the Immortalityof the foul; and the Chriftian Religion it Pelf , I have wondered why they ihouid take it for fuch apoint of Liberty, to have leave todraw others to their opinion:,_: when they feem to think that mens Happinefs or Mifery is no more concerned in it. Thefe are the men that tell the world that Magiftrates have nothing todo with Religion, but onlywith our Peace and Bodily welfare, contrary to the fulleft Teffimony of the Scriptures : Which is but to perfwade men to efteemyou as the dirt of the earth , and to, value the Miniftry above the Magiftracy,asmuch as the Soul is better then the Body , and as Heaven is better then this dunghill -world. And for this odious dotrine, they haveno ftronger reafon , then becaufe that Heathen Princes are uncapableofdecidingmatters about Religion. As if mens wilful' and wicked indif- pofition would change the office, and difoblige both them and thofe that are guilty of no fuch unfitnefs , from the obligations laid upon them by the Lord : They may as wifely fay that a fober Phyfitian is ob- liged to no more thena drunken one can perform or that a teeing man may do no more then the blind can do : Or that a Learned Prince may not meddle with Learning , becaufe an unlearned Prince is unfit for it. But anyman that hath read Belldrmine, Parffons, Grerfer, or fuch like Jefu tes, may know theFathers of this do- arine : Nothing more familiar with them , then that A z Princes