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he be a Teacher of the Adult, according to our cafe, he cannot corporally punith thofe that either refufe to be his Schollars, or to learnof him or obey him ; but the utmofi that he can do is to put fame difgrace upon them while they abide in hisSchool,and at !aft to Phut them out. And then all the Schooltnafters in the Countrey may well agree upon one Method of Teaching, and that they will not receive thofe without fatisfaciion into one School, who are for obflinacy and abufe call out of another. But fuch Agreements or Meetings to that enddonot make ei- ther one Phylitian or Schoolmafler to be the Governour of the refs, or above another nor yet to have the charge of all the Schollars or Patients of all the reft; fo is it in the cafe of Ec- clefiaflical Afïemblies; Aving Paid this much concerning the Nature of Church - Power and Government, I come to the fecond thing pro- mifed, which is toenumerate the feveral fortsof Bifhops thatare to fall under our confideration, that fo we may next confider, which of them are to be allowed of. And here I fuppofenone will expeá that I thew them all thofe forts diflinetly exiflent ; it is enough that I manifeft them to be in themfelves truly different. I. And firft the name L Bifhop ] may be given toone, that is only the Overfeer or Ruler of the People ofone particular Church, andnot ofanyChurch rulers themfelves : That ruleth the flock, but not any Shepherds. z. Thofe alto may be called Rifhops,who only are ?oint Rulers with others ofaparticular Church, andPrefidentsamong the El- ders ofthat one Church for Vnity andorder fake, , without ,iffa- ming any Government over thole Elders. 3. A third fort there are that are Prefidents in fuck an Elder- fhip andwithaldo take a Negative voice in the Government , fo that nothing (hallbe donewithout them infuch affairs. 4 A fourth fort are the foie PaflorsofPochaparticular Church that have many Miniflers under them as their Curates, who are properly to be Ruledby them alone ; fo that the Pallor is the foie Ruler ofthat Church, and the Curares do only teach and otherwife officiate in obedience to him : Which is the cafe of divers