Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

C15) divers Minifters of great Parifhes, that keepone Curate at their Parifh Church, andothers at their Chappels. Yet its one thing to be the foie Ruler of the Parifh, and another to Rule the tell of the Ehlers. 5. A fifth fort of ñifhops are thofe that are the fixed Prefi- dents of a Clafs of the Paflars of many particular Churches ; who hold the title durante vitâ, or quam din bene fe gefferint, though they are in ufeonly while the Claflìs fitteth, and have onlya power of Moderating and ordering things, as the fore- manof a Jury, or a double or cafting voice, as the Bayliff in Elections in roof# Corporations, or as the Prelìdent in Come Col - ledges; but no Negative voice, which maketh a Power equal withall the refs. 6. A fiath fort are the heady offachClafses, having tivevoice, fo that the refl can do nothing without them. 7. A feventh fort are the Presidents of Provinces or piecefes containingmany Clues, which have only a Moderating Power,but no Negative voice. 8. An eighth fort are the Bithops ofparticular Cities withall the Ruralparts that are near it, containing many Churches ; who af- fume the Power of Governing that Diecefs to themfelves alonewith- out the Presbyters of the particular Churches, either not uling them at all in matter of Government, or only confulting with them in Affemblies, but givingthem no determining votes. q A ninth fort is a Diocefan Bifhopof fucka City, who ,loth not take upon him the Rule of the people of t`e Diocefs ( beyond his own Congregation) bar only of the Paflors ; fuppofing that the feveral Paflors or Presbyters have power to Rule the feveral Congregations, but withall that they themfelves are to be ruled by him. a o. A tenth fort are fach BiChops as affume the Government of thefe Diocefan Bifhope, which are commonly called -> C'rcbbifhops; to which alto we adjovn Metropolitans, Primates, and Patri- archs, who affume the Power of Governing all below them : as under the feventh ranks do alto for brevity comprehend Metro- politans, Primates, and Patriarchs, who of ume noGoverning Power over other Bi:hóps, but only theprimansfedem, and the moderating Power in Councils. a 1. The eleventh fort areanfixedgeneral Paflors, called Ai bnlatery `,