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) 6. And for the filth fort, viz,. [ A Prelde,t of s Clafces had winga Negativevice,] I confefs I had rather be without him, and his power isnot agreeable tomy Judgement, as a thing in- flituted byGod, or fitteft in itfell; But yet I fhould give way to it for the Peace of the Church, and if it might heal that great breach that is between us, and the Epifcopal Brethren, and the many Churches that holdof that way ; but with thefeCautions and Limitations. I. That they fhall have noNegative inany thing that is already a duty or a fin ; for an Angel from heaven cannot difpenfe with Gods Law. This I doubt not will be yield- ed. 2. That none be forced to acknowledge this Negativevote it them, but that they take it from thofe of the Presbyters that will freely give or acknowledge it. For its a known thing that all Church-power dot', workonly on the Confcience, and there- fore only prevail by procuring Confent, and cannot compel!. 1. Norwould I ever yield that any part of the Presbyters dif- fencing fhouldbe takenas Schifmaticks, and call out of Comma- nion,or that it fliouldbe made thematter of fuch a breach. This is, it that bath broken the Church, that Bifhops have thrall their Ruleonmen whether they wouldor not, and have taken their Negative voice at leaft, if not their foie Jurisdietion, tobe fo neceffary, asif therecould beno Church without it, or no man wereto be endured that didnot acknowledge it; but he that dc. nyeth their difputable Power mull be ,excommunicated with them that blafpheme God himfelf. And as the Pope will have the acknowledgement of his Power to be infeparable from a., member of the Catholike Church, andcalk out all that deny it,, fo fuchBifhops take the acknowledgement of their Jurisdiction., Mktas infeparable froma member of a particular Church, and , cakequently (as they fuppofe) of, the univerfal : and fo to deny them., ¢hall cut men off, as if they denyed Chrift. This fa voureth not of the humility that Chrift taught his. followers, . Norwould I have any forced to declare whether thky only fùbiniafor Peace, or confent in approbation a nor whether they take the Ilifisops Negative vote to be by Divine In(titution, and,: fo; Nçcef1cy,orby thePresbyters voluntary content &contract, as havingpower infeveral cafesto fufpend the eatercife of their own authority, when thefufpecfi'onof . it tendeth to a pub Ute,Good. Noriaty isatalbg ncsaduty. 1f a manbetobe or- dained