Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

T. Sach Pa/lars of a fingle Congregation, which having dilierfe Grates sender them who are Presbyters,doyet themfelvres take mtpon them the Ale Government ofthe people and of their Curates. I think this is intolerable, and indeed aContract 6r n,or a Nulling of the Presbytersoffice : for it is effential to the Presbyter of any Church to be a Gui 'e or Ruler of that Church : to put them out of all Rule therefore is to Null, or fufpend the exercife of their office ; which cannot Elatedly be done without deflroying it. Butthen z. if we (peakof the fecond fort,that is,fuch Paffors of particular (bnrches, as have Croats who are Presbyters, and theygovern their Curates, battake the Curates as erne Governors of theflock, thefeas I darenot fì_:nply defend, ( for if it be law- ful for one Paftor to Rule two or three in aParifh, `thenwhy not twenty or an hundred, if nrrthing elfe forbid ? ) fo I confefs I should be ready to admit of them,if it mightattain theChurches peace : for I fee many godly Divinesthat areagainft Epifcopacy, yet pra&ice this ; and willhave no Curates in their Parifh, that will not be Ruled by them. And there is a certain Obedience which Juniors and men of weaker parts, do owe to theirSeniors and men of far greater knowledge, though the Office be the fame. And the Nature of the Government being not Comput- five andCoercive, but only upon the voluntary, whofe judge- ment; approve and their wills confent, its confiderabie how far even a Ruler of others may voluntarily confent and fo oblige himfeif to be Ruled by another, that could not have any power to Rule him, without that content of his own, and voluntary Condefcenfion. 5. As for the fifth fort, that is, [ The handing Prefr lent of á Clajfis, having no Negative voice ] I Mould eafily " confent to them for order and Peace: for they are no diftinct Office, n6r afiunae'any Government over the Presbyters. And the Pre by- terian Churches do commonly de a.Prefident or Moderator pro tempore. And doubtlefs if it be lawful for a Month, it may be lawful for a year, or twentyyears, or quans dinfe en'e jj fferit andhowmany years had we one Moderator ofour Áffemblses öf Divines at Wefiminf#er ? and might have had him' 'to many years more if death hadnot cut himoff? And ufually God Both nor fo changehis gifts, but that the fameman who is the fitteft this month or year, is molt likely alto to be the fitteft the next. D 6. And