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(ii) nerofMifïicon, nor in their extraordinary Gifts ofthe Spirit, yet in all that part of their office which is of fcanding Necefficy to the Church : And I am fatisfied that their general Miiniftry,;or ambulatory preaching as unfixed officers, and their Govern- ment oftbeChurchby Office (fuch as they did then ufe ) are, of f anding'Neceflîty to the Church : And therefore that as loch .Ape folï v re unfixed general OfiScers.,che ApolUes dejr re haveSucceûìrs.And "«i nse3b)tc- this I hive formerly proved to you in my Thefes do Pair. Ecclz i; arty ara Jì,p1os Vccant. fa«ff.briefly thus. tl'fl/i Argument a. Chrifl promifed whenhe inflituted °this General ¡iron loco Office to be with them to the end ofthe world a therefore it was a(cripta ("I'M his will that it fhould continue to the end of the world, (mat. fú £t o. £ a71- gt:;;i gr z8 20,2 r. ) It was to a M nifiry that were lent topreach, the, oÿ 2, Ë Gofeelro every Creature, orto41theworld,andtoDifcipleNations, anti fedmd/i that this prornífe was exprefly ma e -; thereforefach a Miniflry loco all;gati. is to be continued. Sic cr muito Argesm.,z. The fame work and Neccflity íìi11 continueth Ated Bras For, ,r. l'here are ftiil moll oftheNations on earth unconverted. Epifcopo `Taa z.a TheCcnveiled and Congregated to be Confirmed and Go ra a..l. ab verned, therefore the Office continuetla. 'Ar um. 3. We can fetch no..Ntgument from the Apoflles Ex men,.ri:s ,orrl - ar i, ml ut ample or from any Preceptor Promife to them , to prove the ,,;ffelira to fucceffion, of fixed Paflors, which is flronger then this by, which per 'ndiam we prove the fucceflion of. General. unfixed Officers : there. prnedicastnt, fore either we muff yield to this, or by the fame , we quad Iodle deny ir, we _mull deny the Miniflry too 0. Which is not to . be d,mm f done. utinrm ¿11/-. Argum 4.. The Apofileshad many Af%,ciates in this General gcnr ter fa vet; Office in their.own times;: Therefore it was.not proper to them; Gro. iu s nor to ceafe with them. B.arnab.0 Sylas 7 imeth Titus A olio de ImPe- Ï P ) rio. . Z. with multitudesmore in thofe_times, were unfixed ? ,eneral O And2ol e fivers, that went up_and down to convert the wo:Id, and (laid Con: Concìl, only to order and confirm the new gathered Churches,.and.then ,Calcec. 6. went further; fometimes -.returning to review, preferve, and drunnnr i'res flrengthen their converts, . byters f4è ti- Argum., 5.. Ifwe can prove that fuchunfixed General,offcers tido,he faith [ éunt a lit re- fienote Balfamon, Ipfe Cátton iedicio ell aliterferi !edition Etiampofi Cclçcd..Syiod 7u(Èi . ttaaa-tsPeriodeatarum roPennit quorum& to Laod,cntaalaifji veteribaas Synodis tfi mentie, a. lb.d. D; 3 ; were .,: