Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

(La) Were by 'thrift fettled in his Church, and that by fuch the Churcheswere inany fort then to be governed, then our caufe is good, -till the repeal or revocation of this office andorder be proved. Let them therefore that affirm fuch a revocation prove it : for till then, we have proved enough, in proving that once it was inflituted. But they cannot prove that revocation, I think, nor yet anyCefiation, or that the inftitution was but pro tempore. Arg. m.6. It is not a tolerable thing to chargeGod with fuck a fudden Mutationof hisLaw or Order ofChurch Government without very certain proof.Ifwe find Christ fetling one way of Church- Government, in his own time, and prefently after, for the firft age, it is a molt improbable thing that be fhould take that down again,and let upanother kindofGovernment to con- tinue ever after. This feems to charge Chrift with fo great muta- bility, that it is not to be done without very clear proof. But fuch proof is not produced. I know it is eafily proved that the immediate Million , and extraordinary meafure of the Spirit , for Miracles, tnogues Infallible delivery of the do&rine of Chrift are ceafed : But this is nothing to the general office of Preach- ing or Governing the Church, which is of (landing ufe. So that I am fatisfied of this that the Apoftles as General Preachers and Governours have fucceffors. But then I mull confefs my felf not filly fatisfied, what Governing Power it was that the Apoftles had over the Paftors of the Church. I find that when Saravia, andafter him, the Difputants in theIf1e of Wight, do infift on this Argument from the wayof Church Government by the Apoftles,that their Antagonifts do prefently grant the Minor [ that The Government of the Church at fir/l rnasby men authorized toRule the Presbyters and theirChurches.] but they deny the Major, that L the government *hickwas then in the Church /horrld continue tillnow,] becaufe it was by Apo files, whole Office they think ceafeth. Whereas Imuff confefs I am unavoidably forced toyield the Major, that wemutt have the fame kindof Government that wasat firft inftituted,unlefs we badbetter proof of a change : For the ftablifhmentof parti- cular Churches and Presbyters was no change oftheApoftles power, Peeing they gavenot away their power to the Presbyters I. i nor