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3 draw Tome of this which I have Paid into a narrower room i null briefly tell you what I could heartily with both Magiftraces and Minigers would fpeedily accomplith for the order andPeace ofthe Church in thefe matters. a, I could with that they wouldchoofe out the ableft Godly men, and let them be appointed General Teachers, and Guides to call the uncalled, and to order, confirm, and fo take care of the Churches that are gathered : And if by the Magiftrates con- lent and their own, they divide their Provinces, it will be but meet. Thefe I would have togoup anddown to the feveral Parifhes in their Provinces, and to havenoparticular Parishes of their own nor to take the fixed Paftors power from them,but to take care that it be by themfelves well exercifed : And I would have the Magiftrate keep his fword in hisown hand, and let thefe prevail with mens confciences as far as they can ; and in that way, if they would exceed their bounds, and arrogate any unjuft power to themfelves, we íliall diffent and deny it them , and Rand upon our ground, and deal with them upon equal terms, and foneed not to fear them. And I havecaufe to think that neither Presbyterians nor all the Independents will be againft fuch General Officers (Succetforsof theold ones) as I heredefcribe : Not the Presbyterians : for in Scotland they appointed and ufed fuch in the beginning, of their Reformation when they made Victors of the particular Churches, and arign- ed to each their limited Provinces, and fo they were Commifo- ners, to caft out Minigers, put in others, andplant Kirks, and they had feveral Superintendents, all which is tobe teen in the Doârine and Difcipline ofthe Kirk of Scotland ( printed not long agoe again. ) And the Itinerant Comm;ffioners in Wales that *ere let there to go about preaching and Re- forming,doth thew that their judgements werenot again& the Power. 2. I could with that every Parifh Church may haveone El- derthip ( where they may be had) or Tome Elders and Deacons , with one Conftant Fixed , Perfeet for Order and Unity. 3. I