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3.1 could Will that Ordination and Conftitutions for unity. q d x ' ' and Communion may be done only in Synods, lefs or greater : dinatione per- and that of many Presbyteries there mayconfll a Cla>Ts, aspets a; necejfe commonly called, and ofmany of thofe a Province: And thatt1LZt, efE ar erí the Claffical meetingmay be frequent, and that force one, the "t Pre,byterio fitteft man may be I andin Prefdent of that Cla is durin quijpiam Y g ÌI' g loco eá digí-. life, except he deferve removal. :ate primas 4. 1 could with alto that the Provincial Affembly (to be held aetioni guber oncea quarter or halfyear in each County) may have the moll nea''dæ Præ¡t, able, difcreet, godly Minifter chofen to be the handing Prefdent p ál° iqtRs altoduringlife,unlef he deferve removal. atir.butum efz So that here are four feveral forts of Bifhops that for Peace pure. Bela andOrder I could confent to :.. to wit, i. A General unfixed deMinüt. Superintendent. 2. A fixed Parochial Bithop Prefidentof that áva ice' Grad>, particular Presbytery. 3. AClafcal Bthop, Prefidenc ofthat P 3 Caffis. 4. A Provincial Bithop,Prefident of the Provincial Af- fem.bly. Bit there is no necef ity of thefe. 5. Of the degreeof their Power I fa -d enough before. It is intolerable they thould havea Negative vote in Excommunicati- ons and Abiolutions and fuck Government of the people (ex- cept the Parochial Bithop) fave only incafe ofappe,ls,and there I leave it toeach mans confìderation, though I had rather they had none: But whether they ihould be admitted.a Negative in Ruling the Paflors, I determine not. Only in cafe of Ordinati- on, I would haveall refolve to do nothing (except in a cafe of Neceiaty) but when then-cadent is One: and flop there; which will permit him de faccio theufeof Ills Negative, and yet trouble no mans confcience to acknowledge de Mare that it 1 ref fo be; for to that none thould be forced. This much f could willingly yield to for reconciliation and unity : And I doubt not but 'I fhall be fufftcientdy reproached by force for yielding fo far, and by others for yielding no further. N D now at latl after thefe ( not needJefs ) preparations,_ 1, come to the main t ueflion it felf, whether it be Neccf /raryor Profitábt;e or eóie right Order or.Peace ofthe. Churches, ta re/forethe extroded E?ifcop49,? And this ldny,andhaving fa id., fa,