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(3z fo much already for explication;rhall prefcntly give you the Rea- ions of my denyal; in which the reft ofthe neceffary explication will be contained. Argument i . That fort of Prelacy or other Government which deflroyeth the Endof Government, and is certainly inconjifient with the ArecejTaky Government and difcipline to be exercifed in the Churches, is not to be reflored, under pretence of the Churches Order or Peace (nor can be confiífent with its right Order and Peace.) But filch is the Epifcopacy whichwas oflate exercifed in England, and is now laid by. Therefore, &c. The Major needs no proof ; for few ChriftiansI think, will deny it. I fEpifcopacy as latelyhere exercifed, be the certain ex- cluder of Government it kif and thrifts difcipline,while it only retains the emptyname, then doubtlefs it is not tobe reftored. TheMinor I prove thus. If there be a veryNatural Impofli- bility that the late Englifh Epifcopacy though in the handsof the belt men in the world fhould Govern the Churches as Chrift bath appointed , and as they fhould and mayotherwife be Governed ; then the forefaid inconfftency and deftrudive- nefs is apparent. But that there is fuchaNatural Impoflîbility for the late Englifh Epifcopacyto Govern the Church thus I null prove. I. By fhewing you what is undoubtedly neceffa- ry in CL ills Government ; a. And thenwhat was the lateEng- üfhEpifcopacy ; and then 3. The Impoflibilitywill appear of it felf when both t ::_'ware opened and compared together without any more ado. z. And r.Ir is part controverfie among us, that Church Go- vernours fhou watch over each particular foul in their flock, and inftrr .hc ignorant, admonifh the"fain, convince gainfay ers,coun; <<< >rk feducers among them,feek to reclaim thewan- drirg,flre: the weak,comfort t hediftreffed,openly rebuke the open obftinate offendors,and ifthey repent nor, to require the Church to avoid their Commtinion,-and to take cognifcance of timer caufe before they are cut off : as alto to Abfolve thepe- nitent, yea tovifit the fick(who are to fendfor the Elders ofthe Church :) and to pray withand for them, &c. .yea and togo before them in the woríhip of God. Thefe -are the adsof Church Government that Chrift bath appointed , and which each faithful Shepherd mutt ufe, and not Excommunication, and other