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(35 ) . But what need we further witnefs then the fad experience of the Church of late ? Are wenot lure that difcipline lay un- exercifed, andour Congregations defiled, and Gods Laws and the old Canons were dead letters, while the Bifhops keep up the lame and empty nameof Governours ? Howmany drunkards, fwearers, whoremongers, raylers , Extortioners, tcorners at a godly life did (warm in almolt every Townand Parifh and they never heard of difcipline , except it were one Adulterer or for- nicator once in (even years within twenty miles compafs (where I was acquainted) that flood in a white fheet in the Chuch:We know that there was no fuchMatter as Church Government ex- ercifed co any purpofe but all left undone unlefs it were to undue a poor Difciplinarian (as they therefore fcornfully called them) that blamed them for negled of Difcipline. For my part, the Lordmy judgeknows, that I delire to make the mat- ter rather better then it was, then worfe then it was ; and I fo- lerunly profefs that for the Peace oftheChurch , I fhould fub- mit to almoí any body that would but do the work that is to be done. Here is Drivingbetween the Epifcopal, Presbyterian and Independent, who it is that (hall Govern. I would make no great flirr againí any of them all that wouldbut do it effe- etually. Let it be done , and its not fo much matter by whom it is done , as it is to have it lie undone. But I can never befor Its an eafie that party that neither did the work, when they might, nor pof- matter to fibiy can do it. To be for them, is to content that all íhould be preach or ,undone; and that Drunkards and Bailers and all wicked erfons wr'te a ilriEl P Leíión ; liue hall continue fo Dill or continuemembers ofour Churches in they that all their obilinacy : and that there (hall be nothing but the name would prai- of Government and Cenfure without the thing. Its hard making theÿhave men of Confcience believe thecontrary that have had the triall done open s that we have had : If where good men were Bifhoes thus it gap tolicen, was, what hope of better by that way ? We cannot fhut our tioufnefs, and eyes againft fogreat experience. And certainly thole Learned overthrow alt menamong s that think fo much Difcipline may ferve turn to D;fcipline g P almoll, wilt all the Congregations in the whole Diocefs, as the Bithop can hardly per- perform or havea NegativeVotein,do too manifeíly Phew that fwade m:rz they *are let's friends to real godlinefs, and greater friends to fin, that they mean as they teach, or are themfelves fuch as they defcribe, or really would promoteaholy life; efpe- cia11y when Scorners at a godly life were favoured more then the praaifersof it. P z and