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C ). andcare too little for the matter it fell while they contendabout the manneror agent,then ferious Chriffians fhould do. If mcn once plainly Phew themfelves meer formalifts and would fer up a. fcarecrow, and pull down all true Difcipline, by fecting up one man to do the work of five hundred ; and making the exer- eifeof it impoffible , what ferious Chriftian will ever take their part ? Not I while I breath Who can choofe but fee that fuch do leek their dignity, and Lordfhips, and worldly Mammon more then the Kingdomof Chrift, ; I know they will be angry withme for this language ; but fo are molt impenitent perlons with reproofs. I would advife all of them that furvive to lay to heart before the Lord what they did. in undertaking fuch an impoffible task and leaving fo many fouls and Congre- gations without Chrifts remedy, and fuffering the Churches to be fo foul, .while they had theBeefom in their hands. This being fo manifeft that it is impoffiblefor an EnglifhB'i- fhop to Govern as theyundertook fomany Congegations,l may well next argue from the mifchiefs that follow. Argun.). a. 1-14t Government 'which gratsfieth the Devil andwicked men, is not to be reffored under any pretence of the Order or Peace of the Church : Bat faach was the Englifh Epifcopacy.; therefore, &c. The Major is un'enyable, fuppoftag that it donot this by an avoidable accident, but by natural Nèceflity , as ï have proved.. I. confefs.fome ofthe Men were foLearned and Good men,that I think fewmen honour their names more then my fell But it is the way ofGovernment that I have (poke of. And fir the Minor,it is as plain from experience, and the argua ment before ufed. If it neceffarily exclude the exercifeof Urals difciplinefrom molt Congregations,chen dotty it gratifie Satan .s But, &c. And if it keep wicked obfilnate fanners from the power of difcipline, then doth it gratifie limners in their Sins, and confe. quently pleafe Satan. But this it loth : therefore, &e. Who knows not ( for it cannot be denied j that the generality` °fthe rabble ofignorant perlons, worldlings, drunkards,haters:.. ofGo.dii.nefs,e carevery zealous for Epifcopacy, whileft multi Ludes_,