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( 37) tildes of trulyconfcientious people have been againfi it ? And who knows not that they both fetcht their chief Motives from experience? Theungodly foundthat Bifhòps ler them keeptheir fins, and troubled them not with this precifenefs , but rather'" drove away the precife preachers and peop'e whom they ab- horred. And the godly people that difliked Ep fcopacy, did it principally on the fame experience obferving that they befriended the wicked, at leafi by preferving them from the due rod of difcipline ; but exercifed their zeal againti them that fcrupled or queflioned at !call their own flandingor aífumed power; or theabufe of it.. And then further, Argum. 3 T Hat Geverxrnent which unavoidably cau/eth f, parations and -divifions in the('lourch, is not 6 be reflored under any pretenc`è ofits Oderand Peace ? Butloch is the .EnglifhEpifcopacy.? therefore ; &e. I know the clean contrary is firongly pretended and they See my Pre-.. Mil us that we- may fee how Epifcopacy kept men in Unity face toMr.: by the many Seâs that farce are rifen. But teL it be obferved; mew of Gro7 a. That thefe Seas were hatched in the feparation which was tiais 1Réli töir Vi ere Prelac caufed by themfe'.ves. z.. That the increafe bath been fìnce there "now tolerated was no Government at all. 3.It was not Epifcopacy, but the only as Pres- Magifirates Sword whole terror did attend ir, that kept under byrericand hereies in that meafure that they were : I-Ud Epiicopacy flood the tongre- on its own legs, without the fupport of fecular force, fo that it àre, d©h any might have workt only on the confcience, then you fhould-have man thnilt it Icen more Seas thennow, Do you think that ifEpifcopacy were oouldcaP at"- in Scotland in theCafe as Presbytery is now, without theSword keep out to enforce it that it would keep fo much Unity in Rehgionas is Herefies there? Its known in .France and other pl .ces that PresbYtery. bath kept more Unity,and more kept our 1-lërefies and"Schifms, .. even without the Sword, then Epifcopacy bath done 'with"it; 4. But the thing, that I fpeak of it undenyable that it terra the pollution ofour Churches that called the Separatifls in 'the Bfflaopsdayestowithdrawn' This was their common-cry againft us,.XourChurches bear with Drunkards, Whoremongers,Rail-- ers,F open Scorners atGodiinefs ".withwhomthe Scripture bids' 13coteat andWe could notdeny it ó for [email protected] ops. °slid4teèp