Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

( ç3) that InflitutedPresbyterie, whenand wheregathered,and where we may find their Canons,that we mayknow our order,and what Authors mention that Council. 2. And what authority had that Council to bind all the Chriftian world, toall ages i' If they fay it bound but their own Churches , and that age ; then it feems the Bifhops of England might forall that have nulled ,the Order of Presbyters there. But Omiferable .England and miferable world if Presbyters had done no more for ir, then Prelates have done ! I conclude therefore that the Englifh Prelacy either degraded the Presbyters, or elfe fufpended totally an eflential part of their office : for themfelves called them React'', and in ordaining them Paid, [ Receive the HolyGhot : whole fins thou doff remit theyare remitted , whofe fins thou deft retain they are retained] And therefore they delivered to them the Power of the Keyes ofopening and (hutting the Kingdom of Heaven; which them- felves make tobe the openingand (huttingoftheChurch,and the Governingof the Churchby Excommunication and Abfolution: And therefore they are not fit men to ask the Presbyters ; By what authority they Rule the Church , by binding and loofing, when themfelves did exprefly as much as in them lay, confer the Power on them : Andwe do no more then what they bid us do inour Ordination ; Yea they thereby make it thevery work of our office For the fame mouth, at the fame time that bid us [ t.4ke authority to preach thewerdofGod] did alto tell us that whofe fins we remit or retain they are remitted or retained: and therefore if one beanEf ential, or true integral part at leafs of our office, theother info too. From all which it is evident, that if there were nothing againfl the Engliffi Prelacy , but onlythis that they thus fufpend or degrade all the Presbyters in Eng land, as to one half of their office, it is enough to prove that they fhould not bereftored under any pretence whatfaeverof Order or Unity, Argumö