Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

C44` Argum. 5. er Hat Epifcopacy whichgiveth the Government of the Church, and management ofthe Keys of Ex- communication and Abfolution. into the handsel' afew. Lay-men, I have,it and while they take themfrom the Presbyters, is not to be refleredunder can produce any pretenceof Vnity or Peace : But fuch was the English. Prelal it under the cy : therefore, &c. Kings own The Major is plain : becaufe it is.not Lay-men that are to be hand and seal, Church Governours, as to Ecclefiaflical Government : This is wherein he forbids that beyond Quueftion with all fave, the Congregational, and they any Church wouldnot have two or three. Lay men chofen, but the whole man or Prieft Congregation to manage thisbufinefs.. inholy or- The Minor is. knownby experience, that it was. the ders lhouldbe common aChancellor: Chancelor in his Court , with his affiflants and the Regiller And this was, and fuch other meer Lay-men,tbat managed this work. If it be the occafion Paid, that they did it as the Bifhops Agents and Subftitutes, and of all the ór- therefore it was he that did it by them - I . anfwer, z. The Law ruptions, &c. They mutt for put it in the Chancellors, and . the, Bithops could not hinder their own ad- it. z. Ifthe Bithops may delegateothers to do their work,then vantage and it feems reaching and Ruling,Excommunicating and Abfolving profit have . ma as well be done b y Lay-men as Cler gy men : Then they inítruments accordingly : may commit ion them alfo to adminif er,the,Sacraments: And fo So the Regi- theMiniftry is not neceffary forany of thefe worksibut only aBi- tters, Pro- shop todepute Lay -men to do them; false and confufive. &ors, Appara- tors, were pe/mumgenus herniae; : G.Goodman, Bishop of Gee,. in the Preface tohis Two Myfteries, &ç. Arguçn. 6. Eat E,pifcopacy whichnecefarily overwhelmeth the fouls of the Bifhops with the moll !minas gyilt ,, ofnegleiing the many thoafand fouls whole charge they undertake,is not to be refloredfor Order or Peace (For men are not tobe overwhelmedwith fuch hainous finon fuck pretences) Biet fetch, is ¡be.SngliJZ. 'Prelacy: and that not accidentally, through,, the badnefs of the menonly , but unavoidably through the- greatpefs oftheir charge, and,theNaturalImpofïibility. of their undertaken work. How grievous a thing it is to have theblood of fo manythoufands charged on them, may loon appear. And,, Bleat Lotto tehat.;undcrcakes hiwftif th ,Govstncs it of twoor. tare,: