Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

( 47) that they care not for hearing aman that will not tell them of their fins. And yet call them to an open confefiion of thefe fins in the Congregation, or proceed to cenfure them, and they will rageagtinit us as if we were their mortal enemies. The Bithops let all thefe men ( almoft ) alone ; and therefore never ex fperated them : and fo now they rage the more againfl us, and love the Sifhops the better, becaufe they were never fo troubled by them. And here I cannot but note, how groundlefs that accufation is of fome Prelatical men againfl the Confcionable adverfaries of their way,, when they fags the Presbyters would fain have the Reins of Government in their own hand.: which may be true of the'ùiaconaionable,that know not what it is that they undertake :. but for others, it is all oneas to fay, They would fain have all the trouble, hatred and danger to themfelves. Thefe Objec`ters thew their own minds, and what it is that they look at molt themfelves : and therefore think others do fo : its dear bought: honour that is purchafed at fucia rates of labour and danger. I here folemnly profefs for my own part, that if I knewmyheart, I am fo far from thinking it a defirable thing to Rule, much lei's toRule a Diocefs, that if I might fo far gratifie my carnal de- fires, and werenot under the bond of Gods Commands, and fo were it not for fear of finning and wronging._rnens fouls that are committed to my charge, I would give, if I had it, many thoufand pounds, that I might but Preach, Pray, Read, Bap:izc,, adminifler the Lords Supper,thoughT didmore then I do in them, and be wholly freed from the care and trouble of overfight and government ofthis one Congregation,which isfurther required. O howquiet wouldmy mind be,were I but lure that God requi- red none of this at my hands, nor would call me to any account for the negleâ of it 1 And that this is not my cafe only, but . thecommon cafe to find Difcipline fo troublefom, is apparent:_ in this;, that the whole bodyof theNation ( for the generality) have contended againft it thefe many years, and in almoft every Congregation in England, the greaterpart do either feparate from the Minifters, and forbear the Lords Supper, or tome way . oppofe it and withdraw, that they may avoid it.. And molt of theMinifters in England, evengodly men, do much,.if,not alto gether tweed it,. So that force through a Carnal indulging of thcihr