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CO) not be fo : but he that 'will be the grease,fl (hall be thefervent of all] Luke 22.26. As the old Rimer barb it [ Ç. hrifurdixit quedam loco ; j7os non fic, nec dixit j,co : dixit fai, ergo ifli Cajas float ? non certè Chrifli ] Speaking of the Prelates. I own riot the Cenfure, but own Chrias prohibition. Certainly the Honour is but the appendix for the work fake, and the work is the firít thing and the main of the office. And I would know whether they would flrive thus for the work and the terrible account, without thehonour and worldly gain. Naydo they not defroy the work, while they quarrel for the doingof it, for the honor fake ? If it were the Churches good and the work that they fo much minded, they would contend that fo many fhould have the doing of it as are necefiary thereto, and not that none fhould do it but they. He that would turn all the labourers out of the Harveft laving himfelf, in all this County, that he may maintain his own priviledge, I fhould think doth not much mind the good of the owner, or the well doing of the work, or his own fafety, if he were to anfwer for all upon his life. Argum. 8. Hat epifcopacy which fofargratifieth lazy Mi i= fiers al to cafe them of the mofi painfùl, tronblefom and hazardous p.,ri of their work, is not to be refiored for order or lenity : batfach was the lateE,glifh Prelacy : therefore, &c. The Major is undoubted. The Minor is before proved as to the work it Pelf. And as to the quality and confequents, experi- ence putteth it pall all doubt, that the work of Government and Overfight,isincom parably more troublefom then the preach- ing of a sermon, Baptizing, adminiflring the Lords Supper, and praying with them.When we come to touch men by perfonal reproof, andmake that publike, and that for difgraceful fins, and fufpendor excommunicate them if they be obilinate, ufu- ally we do not only turn their hearts againft us, but they rage againfi us, and could even be revenged on us with the cruellefl revenge. We find that all the Preaching in the world doth not fo much exafperateand enrage men, as this Difcipline. I can Preach the moff cutting and convincing truths, in as dole a man- ner as I am able,to notorious wicked livers, and they will bear it patiently, and lay it was a good Sermon, and forceof them lay that