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( 77) the matter;For fo we confefs that fuch particularChurches as we mention,have force fuchGeneral officers over them dejnre,as the Apoflolical men were in the Primitive Church but not that any of there Synagogues were under other Synagogues; though one were in a great City, and the ocher but in a fmall Town. And that thefe Synagogues were of Divine inf}itution, is plain in divers texts, particularly in Lev. 23. t, 2, 3. where con vocation of boli'refs ora"holy Convocation ìs commanded ro be'on" every Sabboth in all their dwellings, which moll plainly ccul'd be neither the meeting at 7erufalern at the Temple, nor yet "in"flna. gte families : and therefore it is not to much purpofe that many trouble themfelves to conjecture when Synagogues began, and force imagine it wasabout the Captivity: For eatheir controver- fie can be hit about-the-form ofche meeting place, or th`ename9 fo its certain that force place there muff be for fuch me,:tin;s-; and that the meetings themfelves were in the Law commanded by"God : and that not to be tumultuary confufed'ungoverned Affemblies.' If the fcourging in the Synagogues prove not this power (which is-much difpured,) Mat. 10.17. and 23 34. Luke b: 22. "and t z. t r: an4 2 t_. I 2 AR.; 2.'2.,.19. and 26 i t . Yet at lean, excluding men their Synagogue Communion, may 7óhn 9. 22, 34.. and i 2. qez.. and t6. -2. But becaufe this argu- ment leads us into many Controvert-us about the Jewifh cu- flomes, lek is obfcure the truth by occafion-in quarrels, I thail pais it by. 2.1 find no particular Pòlitical Church in the New Teflarnent confining of feveral Congregations,ordinarilymeeting forcom- munion in Gods Worfhip ; (unlefs as the forementioned ac- cidents might hinder the meeting of one Congregation in one place, ) nor having.half fo many_rnembers "as f of-our Pa- rifhes. When there is mention macle ofa Country; as 7ssdea, Gaule, Samaria, Gatatia, the word [Churches ] in the p'ural number is ufed, Gal. i. z. Ails 15.41. and9. 3 Y 2 Cor. 8. i . But they'1 fay, Thefe wereonly incities: Bü't furrh r conlîder;here is enters mention- of-the Church at Cenchréa, which was -nits City ; and they' that fay that this was a Parith fubje 'to `ro. ri.nth, giveus but their words for it ,` without any-proof that ver I could.fee: and fo rheymay as well determine the whale L3 caufe