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A PREFACE tO thofe of the Nobility, Gentry, and Com, nions of. this Land that adhere to PRELACY, Honourable, Worfhipful,and BelovedCountry. rrjen. T being much for your fakes that ihave publifhed the following Difputations , it behoveth me here to addrefs my felf to you, in afees preparatory words. What difiance there halb longbeen,andHillcon- tinueth between you andyour Brethren(for to they are) is too much known tofriendsandfoes, at home and abroad, and too much daily manifefled 6y each fide.. Shall it fltllcontinue, or wouldyou have it healed ? Ifit mull continue tell udhow Iong,andtell uswhy: Would yore have it go with us toEternity e andwillyou not be recon- ciled, nor dwell with us in Heaven ? It is not in your Pow- er to /hut us out ; Andwall you not be there, ifwe be there ? or dóyou think there will be any Difcord where Love is P()felled, andweare One in God e If you can be content to be faved with us, and believe that all ofboth opinions, that truly love andfear the Lord, /hall live there in Bearefl (a) Love