Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

The Preface. Love for ever ; how canyou chufe, when you forethink of this, but Lore themnote, that you mufffor ever Love ? aid long to be reconciled to them , with whom you mutt there fo harmonioufly accord ? Tau know that Earth is our preparationfor Heaven : andfuch ru men would be there, they mull begin to behere : As they muff be Holy here, that ever will therejee the Lordin Holinefs ; fo mull they here be Loving andPeaceable, that ever will live in that per- feel heavenly Love and Peace. And why is it that the di(lancemuff be fogreat ? cire ive not all the Childrenof one Father ? Havewe not a`l the fame God, the fame Re- deemer, thefame Spirit in us ? (if we are Chriflians in- deed, Rom. 8. 9.) Arewe not in the fame Eaptifmal Co- vinant with God ? Have we not the fame holy Scripture for our Rule ? andare we not in thefame uninerfal church, and of the fame Religion ? fome ofyou fay, No; to the griefofyourfriends, and the (hame ofyour own under- ¡landings, and uncharitablenefs. 1 befeechyou bear it, if I touchthe fore :For my work is Healing; and therefore though it Muft be touch't, it fball be (asgently as the cafe will bear. If Imayjudge byfilch as 1 have had any op- portunity to know, 1 mull fay, that the diffance on your, partis continued in forneby confuted apyrehenftons of the cafe, andnot diflinguifbing thingss that differ ; in formby difcontents ofmind, and too deep a fenfe ofworldly loffés, and the things that you take a's injuries from others fame by the advantageof a co-interefl andconfociation with thole Divi ses' that are ofyour way, and fo bya Willing- nefs to think them in the right , and thofe in the wrong that you take for adverfaries In fame by a fliffnefs and ftoutnefs ofdifpofition, that culs it Con¡Laney to_holdyour own, andManlinelr not to floop to others, and takes it as difbonourable to feekfor Peace, even in Religion withyour. Jappafeat adverfaries ; or toyieldto it at leaft without much irpor-.