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in Iona Vrbemagna f cut plures Synagogas, pluree fniWe See the-fàme_ Ecclefas ,. id eft; cenventas Chriflianorum. Et cuiq; Eccleftæ thingproved faillefoam præfdem, qui populutt4 alloqueretnr, Presbyteros at large bY . ordinaret. Alexandria tantum cam fatifre morem , ut anusefet e;io a e in tota erbeprates qni ad docendum `Presbyteros per urbem difiri- 355;3'56:6,10% bueret , docet nos Sozomenus t. 14. & Epiphanius , -u6i de Yet I think as Ario agit, dicitq; Alexandria nunquam coosfniff'e è- ßxrsys vo Bl0'sdell that ce ea fumpta r' f oxñv , it4utfignifcat jags Wadgood habebat e millook ,Fx.«r r s yvvayedyñs. ] So that Gratis.; affirmeth that Bi.:,,g.. ecct' (hops had not then fo much as all the convertedperfonsofa great City under their care,, but the Churches a^:d A%mbhes were the fame,and eachAffembly had a Prelate, and in the great Ci- ties-there weremanyof thefe Churches and Prelates, and that only,the City of Alexandria had the cutionl of having.buc one. fv , i Bifhop in the whole City. z. Thofe learned men alfo enuh grant this caufe who tnai{,ta that Peter andPaul were bothof them Bifhops ofRome at once, the being- twoChurches,one of the Circumcifon under Peter, the other of the uneircumcifion under Paul : and that one of them had Linos, and theother Cletus for his Succeffor, and that this Chu ch was firit.united under Clcmensaand -the like they fay oftwoChurches alfo at Antioch,and this-be fo,then there is no Lawof God that Bithops fhould benumbred by Ci- ties, but more Bifhops then one maybe in one City,and were, even when Chriffi :.ns comparativelywerea (mall part of them. 3. Al o Mr. Thorndike and others affirm that it was then-the enflame for the Bifhops and Presbyters ro fit-in a fenricircle, and the Bifhop higheh -in. a Chair, and the Deacons toRand be- hind,rhem: This hegathereth from the Apoft. C'onflirut. Igna- tius,bionyfstas reop. and the Jews Conf?itutions, ( in his Apolt. form page 71. and Right of the Church, Pic. p. 93.9-l.,95. ) And if this were fo, it seems that Bifhops, Presb} ters acid Dea- cons wete all the Officers of one ouch. hated Congregation, and had nor many fuck Congreg,irions under them : For the B,(hop, could be but in one piace at once, and therefore this could he the cu(tomebut of one Church in his Diocefs if he had, many, whereas it is made the-form of the ordinary Chriftian Affem- blies. The fame learned man (.Right of Church p;, 65_) C°.ith that [ itbout