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And page 129,13o, 131. he thews that [ the condemning'öf Marcion at Rome, andof Noelus at Ephefus are expreftj faidbj Epiphanius,ILeref. 42. nrsm. I. c 2. Reref. 57 num. I. to have kendoneand'paffed by the AEI of the Presbyters ofthole Churchis ---And which is of later date, the Excomme+nicatìon of Andro- n'cus in St nefius 57.00. / find reported to havep,xfed in thefame fort,andall this agreeable to the praétiie recorded in Scriçtrire al'.edging, 1.Tine. 5.19. 4t 2I. 18. citing Cyprian Ev. 46 and the Apoft. Conlin. and faith,Bló;dell in this might have (pared his exit diligence, it being granted, 0.c. Mr. Thorndike a'.fo tells us pag. 6z- of the words of Ninis » ;- that i in hi 1. nd alone, Saint /''trick at the firfl plantation of 1hriftianity founded three hundredand threefeote anti five Bifhopricks And can any man believe that all there had Cities or more then One of bur Parifh Churches when all drrland to this day hash not (even ; 'ittes ? and when all this was done at the firfi plantationofthe G )fpel I think we had this fort of Epi;copácy. Even fince the Refor < Imtion there i4 reckoned in Ireland but four Arch- bahops,nine-. teen Bifhops.What think you then were 36$. Bifhops at the lira plantation of the Gofpel ? To proceed to foine further Evidence. I:Ttsmanifefl in Cie mans Rooms. Ep?ß. to theCorinthians there is mentiono`'ho more but two Orders; the onecalled fometimeßithops,fometime Pres. ters, the other Deacons, page 544? 55. 57. * and this he faith tht irail:hagisKt:_n)he A o les did as nowin that contention roduld ari e about the P' - g f ,, s ïìv 'tame o' Epifcopacy,and that they fo fe,led the Ivlind4erial Offices that others Jb eld jifeceed in them whin tome we're deea,e ßóï aon7 s, p,o_ my part I cannot fee the leaf' reafon to be of their mind that °4''0v :s - think Clemens here doth fpeak onlyof Prelates or 1up'remis ent "kr 1e &c.] c , h. e. 1, Pc, re Biihops, (of which I refer the Reader to Mr: Bsi 4I notes in o tes a r° his En£IiIh Tranfl iron of Clemen'") But fuppole it were fò : r uSe-s pr,c- If at that time the Churches had hone but Engle Bifhop,; it is die; ".^±es, 1704- plain then` that they were but fing!e Congregations : _I'or no Ate `'t rr° r1'ttt -, t ty other Congregations havirg communion in their-then-ordinary, ;pá' g "aenntes in publike worfhip, cou`dbe managed without a Bit#topof Presby. ,,p , tt,: p - calm' & de ce am eortarn gtei Cretiturt trans.]1 know that J ì'r ri ^ds is rumored by force to refpeet only the pl.hce of their preaching , and not of their fettling Bishops : But the words ac- cord ne to the mope obvious plain fence do fecal to emend it to'both, and make on loch iifÌercneray-all, ter'