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(88) -ter todo the work.But for them that height Mr.Riertons & other tnens plain Reafons concerning the judgement ofClem. Romanus, and force his words to (peakwhat they taean not , I delire them to obferve the judgement of Gretius whom they profefs fomuch to value : who in his Epiflol. 162 ad Bignon. gives this as one Reafon to prove this Epiftle of Clemens genuine [.uod nufguammeminit, cxfortis Mims Ppifeoporumautoritatis, qua Ec- clefiiconfuetudine poft Marci mortem Alexandria, atq; eo exem. ploalibi, introduci cepie , fed plané sit Paulus Apoftolus oftendit Ecclefias communi Presbyterorum qui iidem omnes & Epifcopi ip- f Pauloq; dicuntur confilia fniffe gubernatas. Nam good ápxt. a muiTees, :f- Taï ì:s nominat, omnis ifia nomina non ad Ecclefiam fed adTemplet»sHierof. pertinent: unde infert omnia reEío_ordine agenda, f 1udais, tanto magis ChriOianis ] You fee that Gratins (.then,) and Clemens, in his judgement, were againft Prelacy. 2. The very fame I fay of Philip.which men- tionethonly two forts, Presbyters and Deacons. 3. And though Ignatius oft mention three,ie Teems to me that they wereall but the Governours or Miniftersofone Congrega- tion, or of no more people then one of our Parifhes. In the pift. adSmyrn. he faith [ orrcu a .ays ", i 1;711c o --, , tixH .,T4- 8H} tisuy rjo2rp óvcv ó yprsòs, zrctca seaztá vaisnsuv i. e. Obi Epifcopies prafens fuerit, illuc &, plebs Congregetur, fie-ma &ubi Chriflus eft omnis militia ceeeleftis aka i as the com- mon interpreter tranflateth it, [ sit vid. eft inEdit. Pertonii & Ofherii,] &c. [Obi compareurit Epifcopus,ibi Multitudefit; quemadmodum obi Chrifitus, ibi omnis aftat exercitiss cceleflis J -as Hier. Videlins tranflate it : Or, [ Obi eetiq; apparet Epifcopus,illic multitudo fit; quemadmodum uriq, ubi eft .Chriftu¡ jefus,iíiicCatholicaEcclefìa] asOfliers old Tran- lation. And by the Context it appeareth that this plcbs,or mal titudo is the Church which he ruleth,andnot only one Congre. gation among many that are under him : For this Both with- out diflinaion bind all the people one as well as another , to be where the B:fhop is or appeareth, viz. in the publick Affem- bly for:Communion in Worfhip. It is plain therefore there that were nor thcn many fuch Affemblies under him : otherwife all (ave one mull have ntceffarily difobeyed this command. And