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(90 ) 2. In that the word is put inorder among the external Ordinan ces : 3 . In that it is foufual withother ancient writers and Igna- tius himfelf to ufe the word Oviass6fiov in the fence as we now take it, that it will be plain violence to imagine that it is Chrift that was meant by ir. And for Popery, there is no fuch matter of danger , in ufing a word Metaphorically: Otherwife we we mutt make the Ancients commonly to be friends to Popery for they ordinarily call the Lords Table and the place where it flood 9vaixs4 or : I fay The Table and the Sacrarium or place of its 'landing: for this feems plainly the meaning of Ignatius : fo faith BifhopVfher Annot. in loc. ubi fop. [ Altare apud PaA tres menfamDominicam paffim denotat. spudIgnatium & Poly- carpum; Sacrariumquoq;.j So R.Stephens Altarium sacrarium. See what LearnedMr.Thorndikj himlelfin hisRight ofthe Church, &c. page 116. faith to this purpofe more largely ; wherecon- cerning Ignatius his ufe of the fame word to the Ephefians"he faith [ where it is manifefl that the Church is called a Sanflua- ry or placeoffacrificing: Mr. Mead inhis Difcourfe ofthe name Altar page 14. fheweth that Ignatius by evoIasilpiov means the Lords Table, and takes T7ideliass his conceflion,as of a thing that couldnot be denyed. In the Epiflle of Ignatius (or whoever elfe) to Polycarp Bifhop ofSmyrna he faith,Crebrius celebran. tur conventees Synodiq; Nominatim omnes inquire. Servos ancillasne faflidias (as ¡7airlenios tranflateth ) or (as Bifhop Z.)'hers old Tranflation) Sape Congregationesfiant. Ex nomine omnes qeere : Servos & aucillas ne defpicias. ] Whe- ther this were Ignatius or not, allsone to me, as long as I ufe it but hifloricaliy to prove thematter of fa& in thofe times,But furely noman fhould marvail if I hence gather that great Poly- carp was Bifhop but of one Congregation, when hemuff enquire or take notice of every oneof his Congregation by name, even as much as fervants andmaids. I would every Parifh Minifter were foexa&ly acquainted with his flock 1 Another paffage`there is in Ignatius to the fame purpofe,Epiji. ad Magnef [IiávToo ws sis, till Tóv vxdv Osíï currpi ore, c,;s a ì s'v ,071ac11prov , i7% ;P4 I1/11417P xptcdv, J i. e. Omnes adsnati ad Templum Dei concurrite ficut ai :mumAltare ; ficut ad canna ,7efumChrifissna , as the vulgar tranflation. Or as /airlerios , [ Omnes velut onus quifpiam ira teneplumDei concurrite, veto' ad