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( 89) And in the Epifile to the Philadelphians ;hebath [ Mic '°p issa lr a;ci; ni; xwgln Irioev , it) a'uvt 7ó a1NC4 717 VVet ;1#4;79 cda- xv''év. fis 0.47& TO 464V t3pC , Éb vr07r°tMI" 707s öT',01; 'p&' , fV etadXs-410V =611 7i Æ t./IAA2, j Eiç ix/0'407a äue 7 7rpE0C700.) , 1ÿ 7Dá; d`1aróv01; 7070 01UVV?a1 Ncn. i. C. [Vna enim efi caro Domini notri yefu ChriJFi, ;mom it. has fanguisqui pro nobis'effufus tonus calix quipro omn.bus nobia diffributus efl, sonos panic qui omnibusfrail-u, eft 'mum 41. tareovni EccleJie, & most Epifcopus cum presbyteroirum Colle - gio &Diatoms confervis mein.] Here it is manifea that the particular Church which in thofe dayes was governed bya Bifhop, Presbytery and Deacons,was but one Congregation for every fuck Church had but one Altar. Obje&. Butfame Greek Copies leave out 'peu rs in roí,x. Anfiv. 1. The corrupt vulgar translation might occafion the change ofthe text,faithBithop vfher (Annot. ix loc. page 4o.) [ intermediailla, ex interpretation hâc excidife videantur. 2..- The old translationof Bifhop VJher which leaves it out,yet bath ?anus); Altare0-:onus Epifcopus, e-c. and the fence is the fameif theother words were out. 3. Ignatius bath the like -in other places,as-weThail fee.anon;which forbiddeth fuch quarrels here. Obje&. But faith the Learned and Clodly Birhöp Dósvname, ( Def. li. 2. cap. 6. page 109.) the werd Altar being expounded for the Communion tab'e, is not likely, and too much favoureth ofPopery: but by one .Atari; meant C'hrifi?rho . fanRifieth allour Sacrifices and Oblations and maketh them acceptable to God; as Ignatius expoundeth himfelfin his Epifile to the Magnefilms: All asone run together intro the Temple ofGod,unro one7efus Chrift As it were unto one Altar. } To this I anfwer, that it is tome confirmation to me, that- the wordsare fo exprefs9.that fo learned a man- bath no more to fay by way of evafon. For doubtlefs this is too grofs and palpable to fatishe the judicious impartial reader. a. That the very text, which he citeth of the Epifile to the Mággneflasas doth make fully againa him; I (hall thew anon. ` z. That it is not Chrill that ismeant hereby the fv 9t);.14-7M.V°?, is-evident, %. In that Chritl his fiefhandblood are before diflint%kyr; mentioned 2: ß.r1